a four season care homes
Canada is well known from the environment to the welfare of country one of the most appropriate pension ". Today, Canada has entered the aging society, pension insurance system is experiencing severe challenges brought about by the aging of the population. In addition to the continuous improvement of the pension insurance system, one of the most important initiatives is the construction of nursing homes.
And the United States, Canada raised the room to pay high rent and miscellaneous expenses, the pension for the elderly enough to be eaten, but Canada is not popular family pension parents do not need to subsidize adult children, children generally do not support the elderly. Most elderly people will eventually choose to sell, and then admitted to a variety of welfare subsidies to the pension agency. This situation requires that Canada attaches great importance to the construction of the nursing home, and there are many unique features, the classification of construction and management of the nursing home is one of them.
Nursing home in Canada is divided into a variety of levels, the highest standard known as the "care and attention homes. This type of nursing home stay completely lost the capacity for independent living for the elderly, by care workers 24 hours to take care of. Such nursing home is free of charge, both the public and for the church and other institutions, are entitled to government subsidies, standing nursing lucrative and guaranteed, and a large number of volunteers to help. However, these homes of beds is very limited, applying for admission to the elderly may need to queue up for years in order to be granted.
Lesser level is the "day care", an inmate for life to basic self-care for the elderly. Elderly day care centers to participate in a variety of activities and care, can go home at night to live. The Center provides a nutritious lunch, recreational activities, health monitoring and medical lectures. Here, the elderly have more space, but need to care workers around the clock to take care of. Day care every day for a fee (in British Columbia, 29 Canadian dollars, or about 200 yuan).
Again, an assisted living housing. Here guests can mostly take care of themselves, but each day one hour medical and nursing care. The type of housing is equipped with full-time nurses, 24 hours a day, doctors regularly visit. This category belong to the basic nature of collective elderly apartment community physicians will be periodic visits to the elderly to live here deteriorating health will always be transferred to the hospital, and thus arranged to go to two homes for the aged. In British Columbia, the Housing Bureau will pay part of the rental of the assisted housing to households up to only need to pay tax after 70% of their income as rent, low-income earners will have special offers.
Most common for elderly apartment over the age of 55 can apply for admission, the rent is very low (in BC One Bedroom per month $ 300, or about 2000 yuan), a variety of exercises and activities facilities in the apartment readily available. These apartments are generally private, but government subsidies or non-profit institutions.
Miss Fang from Changsha mother will be received in Vancouver ten years ago to settle. Because the husband and wife must work, have to take care of the children just in high school, and local private nursing costs are very high, also considering with the nursing home to accommodate the mother. "We go to different levels of nursing homes have seen it again, assisted housing and the elderly apartments conditions are good, the elderly during the day and some of their peers together, chat, only worry is that the nursing home after the elderly need to enter the first two to wait a long time to wait until the location, and Vancouver specifically for the Chinese opened the nursing home too small, we hope to take care of elderly people to walk the road that day look at the situation, after all, we Asians place more emphasis on filial piety, and Western culture not the same. "

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