a four seasons gym [Thistle Island International Ski Center Profile]
Thistle Island International Ski Resort Center, located in the National Geological Park --- Tianjin Jixian Luo Zhuang Zi town flood Village West (west of Tianjin Wai Road), Jizhou cave junction; located in the Yanshan Mountains, the scenic area surrounded by mountains and beautiful environment. fresh air, called the natural oxygen bar!
Thistle Island International Ski Resort center is set fitness and entertainment, leisure, travel and tourism in one of the Four Seasons ecological area.
The largest ski center in Tianjin, is a scenic highlight of the season fitness programs, the introduction and is equipped with imported snow machines, rolling the snowmobile safety and comfort of the magic carpet ski lifts, snowmobiles, new bulk of skis and ski boots ; has advanced, intermediate, junior and young and old Safe unique classic play snow area; intermediate ring snow Road, S-type safe and comfortable skating Road is a unique highlight of the project by the skiing world. In addition, the area will be launched attractive Flower Festival, picking fruit, passion ring, Happy Valley and beach motorized division, the nobility golf driving range, ethnic customs of Mongolia Stockades, eco-modern homes environmentally friendly huts, forest expansion characteristics of the project; visitors to relax and an ideal place for physical fitness, leisure.
Thistle Island International will be bright and spacious hall, restaurant, chess room, eco-housing huts and ski places snow, with the institutionalization, standardization, specialization and modernization, information management, to provide visitors with safe, considerate, human services; and the establishment of a prize of complaints window, in order to constantly improve the management to provide quality services for tourists!
[Thistle Island International Ski Center Snow Road Overview]
Thistle Island International Ski Center, Tianjin region's largest and most complete facilities, the most advanced skiing, a total of five classic Snow Road, a total area of ​​76,500 square meters, High Road, a 800 m long, 30 meters wide, the largest slope of 30 degrees; classic ring road, a 600 m long, 35 meters wide, the maximum gradient of 12 degrees; Intermediate Road, a 300 m long, 45 meters wide, a maximum slope of 10 degrees; Junior Road a 150 m long, 25 meters wide maximum gradient of 8 degrees. Snow UFO Road, a 100 m long and 25 meters wide, a maximum slope of 6 degrees. Facilities of one of the high mountains double chair lifts, 600 meters long magic carpet a 300 m long, each one of the size of the towing of 150 m and 100 m respectively. Ski are imported famous brands.

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