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Masters good very grateful Difei war Peking University, separate campus ten years, returned yesterday to see, its true I have two coming back, I did not expect the school become so beautiful, the middle of the night was kind enough to Department faculty dined, I feel on campus not the same feelings with the Let this decade was out walking. Trade and real estate war the Chinese film market, Difei let me talk about its true this topic, 2012, our Lord 2012 start for film school. My lord in 2012 began to talk about this topic, at which time another young newspaper reporter asked me, the Chinese film market with the Chinese trade real estate, I said, a certain correlation. Why do you say? Begins I want to say this theater is certainly say that it is a terminal of the property of the film Let the whole film property, the vast sector spending, that is, we the so-called box-office expenditures, or other expenses, because it is through the entire property chain feedback cycle to the last the beginning of the investment side, making the film side, the key really hidden. Correct but its true nature, I am small I feel theater is the retail terminal format, absolutely do not take it as what high-end, how the mystery of how the tools, we make film school is a retail formats, only nothing more than I'm film end of the chain of property, as if we film much, and its really nothing to we sell is nothing less than a non-tool my tickets you came to see, I'd give you the film to bring all your audio-visual feelings infection, the efficacy of this is the theater completed. So I feel we main trade point of view the film of the real estate market, what shall we might get a lot.

Yesterday, I keep master report referrals to share three aspects of the topic. The chapeau me for so many years the film School of the Chinese film market in 2012 when the world as long as ten several hundred million at the box office that year, 31 several hundred million at the box office this rapidly into a young, explosive increase witness, and I have been in this industry first-line thing, so seeing, and also appreciate rapidly into larvae throughout the industry over the past decade. The Chinese film market can perhaps rapid expansion, able to say thanks to trade real estate is 80% -90% identity to the young, the Chinese film market expansion to what level, this chart the response was very clear. That is the main 2012 and 2012 I start for film school, and the world on more than one billion at the box office. The real Chinese film fell to the lowest valley in 2012, 2012, as long as 8-9 billion at the box office in 2012 began to market-oriented operation, the establishment of theaters, beginning to spur the entire film print and publish to the screening of market-oriented course. Throughout the world box office of the Lord 2012, 2012, beginning to increase the often steep straight line, let's year primary in 2012 over 7000 million tickets to the off-year-old movie ticket sold 300 million tickets sold. In real estate areas to talk about theater is the small size of the property, we the entire staff of the main business is to get more than 100 billion a year, a trade in real estate properties for sale are more than this number, but really reflect the Chinese culture, the end is really a hidden like, and this into larvae rate was very gratifying. To this I made a point of operations, I checked what data to December 6 this year, we at the box office has over 12 billion. Estimated that this year more than 13 billion, and deserves it comes to 13.5 billion will not be a big problem throughout the Lunar New Year stalls start, hidden is a warm-up stage, two on the 15th, a 13 hairpin, "otherwise" gantry fly A few movies across several hundred million. The response of the entire market capitalization is behind the Chinese theater war in the past few years the number of screens rapid increase, the master can see we in 2012 drew to a close the world had 2656 screens, this number does not seem large, but the increase rate is still quite high the. And it is the the first three quarters, and the kingdom of published data, this year opened a new 630 film schools, we add more than 2500 screens, the world silver screen once to 8800, I have confidence that initial each year a quarter is rampant theater opened, grab the box office the day, this year 10 000 screens and over 9000 screens.

I go to the United States in March, a meeting, it was specifically a topic, the American gurus, including Steven Spielberg, the film include Cameron to talk about the BRIC four rapid increase, the one the U.S. scared. Let 4700 3D screens in the world's second largest, we screen the number of total war of the Japanese war in Korea, after the United States, we are a global second largest 3D market. We foundation day open two film schools, Americans are feeling can not imagine enough, this year we are able to open more than 700 films Centre.
I tune a speech, CICC 2012, a cultural property to study the speech, the inside really give the film property into larvae with a very high rating, the main 2012 beginning the whole film growth rate of the property across interconnection, will be across the network game, and the box office to increase its real no significant change in the P environment, but the market changes, we film have a rapidly into larvae.

I had just said that the agility of the Chinese film market expansion of its real benefit from the trade of real estate into the young, are the outline of the tools I talked about yesterday, the Chinese trade in real estate market into a rapid and young, to the theater space, implicit is the world's top 300 film hospital, 98% are shopping core inside, the less the minority is the street, really trade in real estate to the physical space to trade in real estate into larvae, and the second hidden on behalf of the pattern of trade, consumer spending habits change, but also customer indecent on the theater With expenditures space it can be. We continue to speak to a living style of the shopping core change master Reformed I make ends meet style shopping core of the difference.

The third is that I'm shopping core, the initial mutual assistance card also gains a trade real estate the introduction of the theater it is implicit in all the trade real estate there is a point of view, I will be shopping core is bound to get theater, originally a topic in consultation with this problem, I would say of course, yesterday was a different forum, its really the theater are shopping core foundation is not what is different and the pages of history on many country have so made, only not The outside is in China piece of dirt in the past few years the trade of real estate into larvae, we through several examples of confirmed inside the theater are shopping core. Wan da yore in 2012 who, when not know how to make his talk with Warner said to be for the theater, yore looking for world Wanda five stores, five stores in Dalian, Tianjin, Wuhan, Nanning, Yinchuan, truck, permit true that theater release are shopping core, or far apart, regardless of consumption levels, regardless of the P is the market, the results of the five shop for very smooth, the second year in all the world gone within the first 100 , very good. Implicit being the master will not providers, Wanda hidden for more than a big, get the IMAX, its true home theater put shopping is the core foundation is not what is different and, just nothing more than we have confirmed is the shopping core. Theater release are shopping core, in the end promised changes are shopping core into young is what I took a data, the data than the power is huge, its true I want to tell the master, you see the theater in 2012 in the far right is the theater tranches of structured, the world over 2 million film hospital only 286 is A who is time to make 10 million film hospital is the world number 100, is cattle. But by 2000 to 300,400 in 10 million rows meetings are rear stand, the foundation did not face forward station, in front of all stations 4000, 5000, 000, custom-year-old world is almost over billions of dollars of the film The hospital is double safety Huaxing made more than 9800 million, which is the last year would have been unthinkable. IMAX reason, "Avatar", a screen and a hall to help him to get this profit. Yore IMAX too little, so this screen suddenly fly into the increase in nine theaters in more than 60 million herein 5 are the IMAX, and the master also see 719 theaters, 719 more than 2 million at the box office theater, we made the world is about 97% of the box office. But had just said to me the 2000 theater, which is another 1300 theaters is below 200, they only made 3% at the box office. This topic is related with the key behind me.

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