four seasons sioux city fine decorated marriage room, facilities, and free parking. West fashion item in the Drum Tower District Longjiang li Wei Phoenix Strand, 66, the project covers an area of 6700 square meters, competing in Nanjing, China Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. listed NO.2004G03 land use rights, by the Municipal Construction Commission and the City Committee rather building character (2004) 263, the total investment in the word of Ning (2004) No. 225, "the text approved by the development of the residential area. 11-12 storey residential project two and one storey three meters of the flat layer, the other one storey 4.98 m high ceiling homes, local 6 m of the thermocline. The total construction area of ​​about 13,400 square meters of salable area of ​​approximately 9490M2. Project building coverage of 16% afforestation rate of about 60%. Project with luxurious fine decoration, indoor high-tech intelligent home system, remote control systems, lighting systems, sound systems, infrared defense system, personal information center. The project started in November 2004, scheduled to be completed by June 2006. Basic package: water, electricity, broadband, gas pipelines, cable TV, elevator, parking ancillary facilities: telephone, refrigerator, television sets, washing machines, water heaters, air conditioners, microwave ovens, smoke machines, furniture

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