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-, Adhere to the political thought and business learning, learning content "Kindergarten Education Platform, nurse job requirements on 1" plant intelligence factory conditions, current events. By learning to improve the ideological consciousness, increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons and understanding of modern information and improve their own quality. Monthly organization nursery study and held a working conference once. Inspection and examination of the conservation work by the month's Top Star of the month conservation four and give the reward. End of the semester according to the more prominent one semester to work a nurse named advanced childcare Office.
To help the vice principal to work out the daily life of kids schedule specific time for each class of sanitation and disinfection, and the nurse's request, the system functions as well as more detailed program of reward and punishment. Ensure that young children every day more than two hours of outdoor activity, especially to strengthen the children physical exercise, enhance physical fitness to resist the invasion of the disease.
Third, do the morning check and full-day observation.
This semester in particular to strengthen the morning check, we carried out in strict accordance with the "touched, to see two or three asked four examinations; and put an end to the dangerous goods into a timely manner to the parents to understand the health of young children at home, abnormal or isolation of infectious diseases in a timely manner, and red, yellow, blue card issued under the children's sign to control the spread of infectious germs, safety barriers.
For sick children, we will be ready to observe, time dosing; to keep abreast of the health status of the class of young children, to assist classes common to do the sick children of full-observation records, identify problems and timely reporting in a timely manner.
Fourth, do the freshmen admission physical examination and regular medical examinations.
1, this semester freshmen admission 141 parents for the convenience of employees, contact us designated medical Fifth Hospital September 8 garden for young children. New students must attend a medical examination and holds a health certificate and complete basic immunization and vaccination certificate issued by the Fifth Hospital, we give the children apply for admission procedures. Timely evaluation of 141 children were weight, height, hemoglobin, disease shortcomings. 51 weight standards, the compliance rate of 36%, 57 height standards, the compliance rate of 40%, hemoglobin of 11g more than 140 people, compliance rate was 99.3%. Mild rickets, dental caries 13.
This semester in September, we are under the age of the older students, measurement of weight and height, children over 3 years old and weight measurements. 261 a total of medical child care, the examination rate of 99% compliance rate of weight and height were 56% and 52%. December on the whole garden of 402
Infants by weight and height measurement, of which there are 6 people for some reason did not check, in fact, inspection of children 396, the physical examination was 98,5%, the compliance rate of weight and height, respectively 55,8% and 51,8%.
3,11 month to Kindergarten small classes Intermediate Taipan year were 303 children Investigation of visual acuity. The number of subjects 302, the examination rate of 99,7%. Of them young children in small classes Investigation 102, letter matching method to check for child care. Because children younger and is the first inspection of the visual existence of child care problems such as fear of students, some vision suspected child does not appear in the statistics, vision disorders, child care, accounting for 6,9% of the medical examination rate. In Taipan years paragraph 200, the use of 4 meters to check dual-use child care eye chart. Visual inspection 4,8-4,6 8 people ,4,5-4, one between two people, accounting for 5% of the number of subjects. Above to check out our feedback to the parents, for parents to learn more about child care in order to better growth and development of park with our work. Parents need to consult what we all try to make the answer.
4,11 January 53 staff in the fifth hospital conducted a comprehensive examination of the body. Check the contents of the liver, surface antigens, antibodies, lipids, chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, stool culture, etc.. 53 employees and physical examination was normal.
To prevention, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and occurrence.
1, young children are susceptible populations of infectious diseases, vaccination is an important means of preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Therefore, the immunization program is particularly important for us. This semester at the beginning of the school for the newborn children vaccinated with hepatitis B strengthen the 87 vaccination epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis vaccine 20 and hemp candy to strengthen November 60, replant DPT eight people. In strict accordance with the injection operating procedures to achieve full vaccination in sufficient quantities, no drop.
2, 2, kindergarten is the spread of communal life is also susceptible populations very easily lead to infectious diseases, this semester we strengthen health disinfection and isolation, freshman, September, and two small three were found in 10 cases of pink eye, we immediately reported the fifth hospital the Fang Baoke, do infectious diseases immediately reported, and in a timely manner so that parents with sick children home isolation and immediate disinfection to prevent infectious diseases to expand the classes in the classroom, bedroom, toys.
3,10 month to all children taking Banlangen granules twice a total of two weeks. The company Sanitation Department a month to my garden to the classroom, bedroom, office, canteen spray disinfectant or Mie Wenying syrup. And timely dissemination of health education to parents and teaching staff knowledge.
Inspection efforts, increasing the sanitation and disinfection work.
1, this term health inspection team from time to time a week 1-2 times each class, kitchen, large toys, outdoor venues, sanitation and disinfection inspection by the vice principal, health care practitioners, and teaching staff. Charge of spot checks at any time and in a timely manner well inspection records.
Sanitation and disinfection work as a key task during the semester, open windows every morning to maintain good ventilation, clean and maintain classrooms, bathrooms, bedrooms health nurse in accordance with the stringent requirements of disinfection system. 9:00 every day before washing and disinfection of towels, cups, cutlery and checkmark into
Block; before each meal with disinfectant scrub desktop; morning ultraviolet disinfection bedroom 1 hour every day at noon disinfected classrooms one hour; sheets quilt monthly wash time, bedding mats a half drying time; plastic toys per week soaked with disinfectant disinfection and sun, cloth, paper, books and sun 1-2 times the sun for 6 hours. Large outdoor toys once a week with "84" disinfectant disinfected once, sanitation morning and evening cleaning. They are and cleaning tools a week soaked in disinfectant.
3, cooks attention to personal hygiene do wash it, Qin nails, changing clothes. The kitchen and the surrounding environment every day sweep, every Monday sweep; raw and cooked food, utensils strictly separated from non-overlapping display; cooked food, pasta ultraviolet disinfection daily one hour; utensils, vegetables pool sink keep it clean and disinfected daily; weekly disinfection of the cleaning tool. Before vegetable soak for one hour before the operation, wash hands before taste in strict accordance with the Food Sanitation Law, the implementation of special spoon, do not do rotten food, meal retention samples.
4, we also increased the regular checks on the daily life of kids, the child civilized manners chaos still refuse; to develop child care before meals and wash their hands after mouthwash after meals, groomed, bathe Qin nails good health habits, educational children's own things to learn to make their own heat to help others do not quarrel fight; find problems pointed out in a timely manner to correct. The above types of inspections are timely records in a timely manner, and park the month bonuses. An unqualified deduction of 20-50 per month.

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