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Initiative by the Chamber of Commerce of the Haidian District, Beijing Alice gynecological hospital established women entrepreneurs in the health club since the date of the establishment, have been victims of female executives of the national enterprises, female Jinling, female white-collar workers, and other high-end women close friends. Beijing Alice Women's Hospital from the Club established the first day, to assume the responsibility of the escort for high-end women groups physical and mental health, high-end women women entrepreneurs in the health club to enjoy a distinguished health management and health intervention services.
According to the Chinese city high-end women's health White Paper of 2012 data show that: the physical and mental health of Chinese urban high-end women can not be optimistic, 76 percent of China's high-end women in the sub-health state. Understood that these sub-healthy high-end women eager to get professional guidance on stress reduction, nutrition, health assessment. However, due to the busy high-end women's work and private time is tight, queuing registered, long waiting times for other reasons, resulting in high-end women inefficient medical treatment results.

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