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Child Furniture General technical requirements "will be formally implemented in August this year, it will be China's first national standards specifically for children's furniture introduced children and adults, will also be the end of the combination of the current situation of a national standard. In addition, on the 21st, the reporter visited the Castle Children's furniture market found, security, environmental protection breaches.
The reporter was informed that the introduction of the "Children's furniture general technical conditions" is clear for national mandatory standards for the design or intended for 3-year-old to 14-year-old children's furniture products. The new standards require that in August this year, all children's furniture product quality in domestic production or sales (including imports), you must perform and comply with the requirements of one of the.
On relevant sites to see children's furniture general technical conditions "a total of nine majority of one of the most stressed, the structural safety of children's furniture, safety warning marks, formaldehyde, heavy metals and other hazards content limits. Infrastructure Security ", the new GB it clear that children's furniture, cutting-edge, the edge is not sharp edges and corners and edges should be rounding or chamfering processing. Hiding for too long in the furniture to prevent a child from play and asphyxiation, the standard also stipulates that the closed cabinet class furniture must have a ventilation function.
New regulatory requirements on children's furniture products or use instructions should be made clear products for age and other safety warning labels, warning marks "in the" dangerous "," Warning "and" attention "and the specification language. Children's furniture, artificial board, paint, textile, fur fabrics, such as main and auxiliary materials, the new GB limit of heavy metals, formaldehyde emission, biodegradable aromatic amines and other toxic and hazardous substances indicators.
Before the introduction of new regulations, children's furniture has been working with adult furniture with the same quality standards. 21, the reporter visited the Jusco, Mackay and a number of large supermarkets furniture area, and Haibo home, rich-Mart furniture and other furniture stores.
Shopping centers in Mackay Music, 5th Floor, the reporter observed, children's furniture and more bright paint colors, when asked whether formaldehyde, heavy metals and other environmental protection performance test report, the answer is "should have to look.
Yang Chen furniture counter rich Erma famous home Square, the reporter opens a wide and 0.8 meters, about 2 m high vertical closet, the wardrobe, no holes.
Dunhua Road, Haibo Furniture Plaza, space home on the 28th of successful stores, edges and corners and edges of the part of children's learning table without the arc-shaped handle, feels very sharp.

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