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Shanghai is an international financial and commercial metropolis, is a window of China's opening to the outside world, the city of foreign manufacturers and users of all ages, always walk in front of the high-end medical equipment industry is to improve the status of China's medical device industry in the majority of users and international counterparts have a significant impact, and more to create favorable conditions for expanding international market, to promote competition and development of the medical device industry in China in the international market has a very important historical significance.
With domestic authoritative industry sources believe that the Chinese medical device industry market has great potential and is the integration of the development of a critical point during the second five will strongly support the development of domestic medical devices, the implementation of priority purchases of domestic medical equipment bidding and purchasing. Also lay the foundation for the domestic medical equipment industry market.
The field of international medical instruments as the world's largest and most influential annual gathering CMEH2012 will integrate resources one can export to be able to do the exhibition of China's domestic trade platform for domestic and foreign medical device manufacturers to provide the same period, will be invited to the government, hospitals, experts makers, scholars, held more than 30 new products, technology and the procurement of import and export trade, laws and regulations seminar. Domestic and foreign exhibitors and more effective to open up overseas markets, international markets, as well as the Chinese market. CMEH2012 will be on display in 70 million people visited Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion, and more to promote the global medical device companies and users to learn about the latest market trends of the medical device industry, but also to promote the development of the global medical devices and medical device industry . The organizer will invite South Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, Denmark, Iran, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil and Africa, more than 20 countries and regions and professional audiences in mainland China / Taiwan and Hong Kong to purchase

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