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Along with the temperature gradually increases, the UV is also more intense, if slightly off guard, secretly deposited pigment will wait until the discovery, the spots have already run out. Therefore, the sunscreen must be prepared in advance against UV, guardian of the white skin. Face long years exposed parts of the natural time are subjected to UV damage, throughout the year should be a good sunscreen.
Protection Code of Practice
Daily use of face-specific sunscreen product
The facial skin is most vulnerable to UV damage, although the spring and summer ultraviolet light is relatively strong, the need to strengthen prevention, but can not ignore the sun do the work in the fall and winter seasons. The trick is to keep the white skin daily did apply sunscreen products. Of course, SPF can be selected according to different seasons or different needs.
Sunscreen product knowledge
 The sun protection factor, refers to how long against UVB. SPF20 sunscreen products, resistance: 20 * 10 (ordinary red sun phenomenon average) = 200 minutes.
PA for the protection of UVA index, "+" indicates the protection time, the "+" The more, the stronger the protection capability.
PA +: mild protection, effective protection for 2-4 hours
PA + +: moderate protection, effective protection for 4-8 hours
PA + + +: a high degree of protection, effective protection for more than eight hours
UV types
Of UVA: skin aging due to the sun, resulting in the reason of pigmentation and wrinkles. (Makes the skin for tanning and aging UVA)
UVB: cause skin immediately sunburn, causing erythema and blisters caused. (The sun makes the skin red, sunburn UVB)

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