residential care home
Corning homes for the elderly was approved by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, preparation of accommodation, entertainment, food, health care, rehabilitation, multifunctional public Corning, elderly homes for the elderly apartment. Sea-building park of the hospital with a century temple is only separated by a wall, the hospital environment elegant, rational layout, complete medical, service facilities, is the ideal accommodation for elderly healthy aging.
Corning homes for the aged four-storey building has the range of different formats according to different care needs. Range of facilities, with wooden beds, Zongdian, bedding, wardrobe, bedside cabinets, fans, such as protective equipment. The rooms have private bathroom with hot and cold water, the range of reasonably spacious layout, adequate lighting, ventilation, roof has a large garden, the green vine wrapped flowers embellishment, people linger.
The spirit of better for the community to solve problems of purpose, to ensure that geriatrics medical treatment, living hand clothes to be the hospital with specialized doctors, nurses and specially trained nurses on duty 24 hours a day to serve the elderly. As the hospital all the staff is warm, thoughtful service to the elderly to enjoy and win the reputation of real value for money, the hospital opened in February 2000, since all the rooms are basic resided.
Corning homes for the elderly of all staff will be happy to provide a warm, considerate and satisfactory service for the elderly. Are always waiting for the sincere welcome to visit those in need of guidance and stay. Of elderly residential care homes in Corning sons and daughters of filial piety and liberation.

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