residential care the home activities
Activities participated in Shenyang voluntary youth organization to Tanglin District homes for the elderly, I feel super good, and know a lot of friends, a meteor, insect, mouth, puppetry, naughty, Jill, Mirror, mood, there are a lot of a lot of new friends. Impressed me most is that physical disability brother, their bodies was not very convenient so seriously silent to participate in charitable activities, like everyone else, labor than more Maili Qi, super touched to see my eyes are red the red. Homes for the elderly went to Tanglin activities arrangements, the health of the boys plowing girls clean up the dining hall and living room. Not had so much labor, I dragged to the super-mop sink, to the time you look at the photos that Mop is the boys get all racking, I get sweating.

   Care finished, I went to the ground plane of the Soil, pick a few baskets of grass-roots. The boys worked in the fields is really Shuaio, because the laborers are the most beautiful and handsome, a tired, sweating profusely, and some coat are off. Hard incredible, it is estimated that the city child growing up did not done it, I first worked in the fields (weeding), long grass can grow some to my knees, those boys actually one afternoon a lawn to the plane for being a thing of the vegetable powerful wow ~! I pulled a few baskets of grass-roots up, no way to grass allergic to a lot of insects listen to the staff there snakes ~ nervous. Wearing gloves, but the arms and legs, or encountered grass, red itch the Dounong's no way to quickly ran out of arm washed or to play a small lump.

    16:00 more before the end of today's labor. Although today has been very hard but we decided to walk back from homes for the elderly went to Tanglin and then ride back, though a bit far a bit hard, but the way the scenery is really super. Also see the romantic rose petals makes up a large heart, the entire small stairs slowly, full of red roses decorated ultra road, I got to ask what the original was in this marriage proposal Oh, too enamored of this boys really romantic, if I moved promised, I but I want to champagne roses! A lot of volunteers go up a photo camera, a few of the couple up the camera (excuse me also romantic, huh, huh)
   At that time I told a friend that I wanted to be my boyfriend to be a caring volunteers, so even personal weekend together to do volunteer work gave us a love, I think this weekend with out to see films , eating, shopping, and much better, and still make sense, but also save money, huh, huh!

  Along the way, there are a lot of people get in the barbecue, play mahjong, kite-flying. Estimated to be about 6:00 before we Dadong together to eat a simple meal, super delicious meal today, because today I really get too hungry, hasty meal to go in the morning did not eat, and then to a nursing home to go to work day did not eat. I have to be hungry halo. We are hungry, up would need the staple food.

  Activities, and insects to send me back home. Thank myself ~! Oh, usually, this guy is always bullied I always mad at me, the crucial moment was quite good, take care of my day, thanks again! There are Jill I said, I avoid alcohol to help me immediately block the wine also had a few drinks for me, thank, and recognize you guys good friends good friend is my good fortune, and others respect my wine a honored. I hope we are always a good friend.
  I want to redouble our harmonious society to make more contributions to refueling ~! ! !
   In fact, I prefer are the activities of the orphanage children has been the participation of elderly good to go, because these old people are all family members have children with orphans, orphans is not the helpless, more need our care. I do not know how is it in a bad mood will be trouble for a mood to play with their kids will become much better, huh, huh, now a bad mood on the ultra-want to see the orphans to help them bathe, feed them dinner, accompany them to sing for the game. Think I felt happy, but in recent months can not go, because of the recent epidemic of HFMD so orphanages are closed hospital, take some time before opening ah, but to participate in this activity recognize a super good Jill, he is a kindergarten teacher promised me that want to see the child after calling to let me go to their garden to play me America bad.

  Dear friends I hope you can also take part in charitable activities, which can purify the soul ~! Good sleepy to write this there are a lot I did not write the whole but already 2:00 here!

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