residential care the home jobs
 Last year, the outbreak of atypical pneumonia, has brought many difficulties to the service. Among home classmates and relatives of the child unfortunately been infected with atypical pneumonia, co-workers to provide them with counseling and emotional support, but also continue to teach and enhance the awareness of personal hygiene of the home child. Various homes also implement stringent health measures to reduce the chances of infection, home care staff and family child division of labor, third-party implementation of disinfection and cleaning the house, in order to maintain a safe and hygienic accommodation.
    In September 2003, we have introduced a "multiple intelligence development plans aim to encourage and provide opportunities for family child involved in a wide range of activities to achieve a more comprehensive personal development. The content of the planned activities are: (i) the voluntary work; (ii) Cultural; (iii) interest in skills, and (iv) physical exercise in four areas of learning and experience. Home the child is very active participating in the scheme in different activities, family child can play their personal potential and mature performance. However, the majority of child fails to adhere to physical exercise, and ultimately only two home child successfully completed the entire program in four areas multiple development challenges. We will review and amend the plan, expect attractive, standards and meaningful growth of training activities at home Tong launched.
    During the year, one of our five female family child in the HKCEE, excellent performance, obtained five excellent and three good results. Home child had left the family homes is still with us to maintain contact and exchange of recent developments, one of them in a well-known cosmetic companies as a registered beautician, a secretarial work in the business sector, and another who had just completed a tourism course. Home child active in the independent living, we are very pleased.
    Looking to the future
    The staff believe that children's homes every child all have their unique potential and ability. Efforts and achievements of the home children, we are proud to bring a lot of job satisfaction.

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