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1 apartments for the elderly Overview
Concepts: the so-called "apartments for the elderly is specifically designed for older persons with complete living facilities, public facilities and improve the elderly community. Understanding of the domestic apartments for the elderly: for healthy concentration of elderly people living in private residences, by the specialized agencies in accordance with the development and operation of market principles, to provide full-service household health care, culture and entertainment.
Function: apartments for the elderly from the functions between an apartment and other older facilities. Their clients, and an apartment in older age groups for specific tenants, and other aging facilities, it is to stay at one of the older age groups to the general requirements of good health; operating in a way similar to an apartment, according to market principles, rather than other older facilities as dependent on government investment or development support; its service functions, whether it is health care or culture and entertainment, all between an apartment and older facilities; form of its buildings, the apartments for the elderly, but Single or multiple apartment buildings, and an apartment in a community facilities and other elderly activity together make up the elderly community.
Apartments for the elderly is more complex than other residential property, in addition to the general living facilities also need to include health care, culture and entertainment, life and services appropriate to the needs of the elderly special room amenities, facilities and outdoor environment space. According to the physiological characteristics of the elderly and living needs, to provide barrier-free living environment, activity space and help system. Therefore, the detail of the apartments for the elderly require more more than the average residence, level and cost of construction will be higher than ordinary residential.
Business after the completion of the development of management: apartments for the elderly is much more than the general property management, but a variety of specialized operating items (such as medical care, learning, entertainment, etc.), operation and management, but also require an enhanced level of service attitude and quality. Scientific and rational specialized operation and "elderly" love and serve, and to build credibility and well-known brands is the key projects of the apartments for the elderly to enter a virtuous circle.
2, foreign apartments for the elderly experience
A long history of foreign development of apartments for the elderly, its construction and operation of decision-making in accordance with the needs of the market. Judging from the service functions can be divided into three categories: self-occupied apartments for the elderly. Daily life, drug-related assistance, but not for older occupants to provide a beautiful environment, comfortable living community. Including all the living facilities, and even golf courses, similar to the general community; to accompany the help of apartments for the elderly. Provide the residents with a variety of services related to daily life, including cooking, help bathing, feeding, laundry, medical and dosing needs and other personal aspects of life, and older facilities; special care apartments for the elderly. In addition to the above two types of services, but also provide a full range of medical services, particularly for the treatment of elderly cancer patients from the traditional health care room to room, and nursing homes (Hospice).
United States: the elderly very independent and choose to live in the proportion of apartments for the elderly is relatively high. They needed to sell the money to pay the apartment given in the apartment rent, land tax relief privileges. According to the survey of the apartments for the elderly and the care industry investment center, the apartment was admitted to accompany the help of U.S. citizens' average age is 85 years old, the average residence time of 30 months. These 85-year-old elderly generally experienced the Great Depression era, difficult to accept the concept of spending million dollars a year to live in apartments for the elderly, the developers must be between comfort and high rents for elderly owners can afford balance. From the development trend, born of World War II generation may be ready to move into apartments for the elderly to celebrate old age, the developers focus on the American family in the adult child (20 years after potential customers) to spare no effort to marketing. In short, only with a strong competitive strength in the apartment for the old level of service and comfort level to be successful.
Development of apartments for the elderly will be subject to the restriction of certain factors, such as the construction of the source of investment funds, health care costs, how to solve the low occupancy rate of the elderly and other factors. Such as in the southwestern region of Pennsylvania, the apartments for the elderly by over-exploitation and the competitive situation continued to increase, their underlying causes developers to make decisions according to their own population findings, and the lack of government control; such as the Wall Street financial markets very early on with medical facilities in the apartments for the elderly betting great enthusiasm, but enthusiasm began to cool in 1998, finally led to the stock fell below its net asset value of the real estate trust, the impact of a apartments for the elderly for further investment; Another limitation of over-exploitation health-related properties need national health regulatory approval, the state health care system requires a different health care costs paid by licensing requirements are also different health care priority payment system for rental of the apartments for the elderly to provide health care services very big impact, such as higher health-care services sun care garden affected the verge of collapse.
Overall, the special care apartments for the elderly in the United States is already saturated, to accompany the help of age-Apartment Investment has been a downward trend, the only living apartments for the elderly is still a better return on investment.
Typical projects: Sun City Center
Sun City from 1961 to begin development and construction, elderly community in Florida and the nation, planned from the outset. Sun City Center is located in the west coast of Florida, located between Tampa and Sarah Minnesota, only a few minutes away from Florida Gulf of Mexico beach.
The residents here must be the elderly over the age of 55, accompanied by persons under the age of 18 a year to live more than 30 days. Community design and construction of a variety of units to suit the requirements of different types of the elderly.
Existing households in the nation and around the world of Sun City Center 16000, and has been in a sustained growth. New tenants often for the entire community, "Sun City Center" (single family house), "King of Dian" (townhouses), "Lake Tower" (assisted care residential and home care agencies), "Courtyard" the relationship between the six major residential communities confused and Aston Gardens "(rental independent living apartments), and" Freedom Square "(assisted care residential and home care agencies), above the community to enjoy a post office, supermarkets, medical institutions, banks and churches.
Whichever you choose, residential, will enjoy the active lifestyle. Townhouses in a residential price from $ 90,000 to $ 200,000 range, and can also choose all, some or no public maintenance of housing.
Enjoy the comprehensive clubhouse cost $ 140 per person in the Sun City Center each year. Enjoy the recreational facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis shuffleboard courts, lawn bowling, fitness and entertainment center, meeting rooms and a 10,000-square-foot theater.
About a third of the population is active golf enthusiasts. Whether a beginner or expert, you can enjoy the 126-hole golf course. To pay the entrance fee per person per year costs about $ 1,500. Sun City Center is Part SUTTON BEN, the world-famous golf school. National lawn bowling championships are also held here.
In this community, there are a variety of clubs, courses and activities organized by more than 80 kinds, according to the U.S. survey showed that living in such an environment, the elderly community, the average life expectancy of the elderly to extend for 10 years old.
Sweden: representative of senior citizen housing called service apartments, residential and services for the elderly unified. This house is mostly located in every respect more convenient place, at the same time and the general public, public facilities such as canteens, cafes, libraries, kindergartens, schools, streets and so on. Of these houses built with ordinary apartment, to enable the elderly to regular contact with the younger generation and social life in order to eliminate the sense of loneliness and abandonment. Services to residential housing is independent, and can choose the projects to provide services when necessary. The point of this kind of life, generally located in the service house, not only the elderly living in serviced apartments are convenient to use, staff canteens, and other ancillary facilities can easily use. Service residential general scale of about 40 to 70.
Singapore: Many older people choose to live in the apartments for the elderly. As early as March 1998, the Singapore Housing and Development Board on the launch of a senior apartment, usually built in a mature community. "Senior apartments" are mostly 12 to 14-layer plate high-rise apartment units are generally divided into 35 m2 and 45 m2 of living space for one or two Senior. Singapore senior apartment "property rights are generally 30 years, and then extended for 10 years, but not for resale and can only be sold back to the HDB. Senior Apartment "Applicants must be 55 years of age or older HDB homeowners, and must be Singaporeans, the couple can work together to apply for the purchase, single people, divorced or widowed HDB homeowners can also apply.
Japan: the elderly residential prominent self-help take care of themselves. Quality of life of older people is achieved on the basis of social insurance and security system. Your labor costs in Japan, the Japanese residential high degree of technical and electrical. This is particularly reflected in the older persons housing and communal facilities for older persons, aging in life to the full realization of self-help and self.
For example, older people in residential products to provide barrier-free facilities, to provide older people with care the nature of residential products, residential products (second-generation residents) and their families to live together. By the coexistence of these three aging residential product within the community, before it can develop to meet the various types of basic living needs of older people, older people living community. Of course, in the community also need to provide supporting facilities used to meet the needs of the elderly in health and mental aspects.

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