Workgroup server is an entry-level server level, but still belong to the class of low-end server. Can also be seen from the name, it can only be connected to a working group (50 units) then the multi-user, network size is smaller, the stability of the server is also not as high as we talk about enterprise-class server application environment, of course, other performance requirements corresponding to lower. The main features of the work group server with the following aspects: one usually only supports single or dual CPU architecture application server (but not absolute, especially the SUN workgroup server it is able to support up to four processors working group server, of course, the price of this type of server a somewhat different) 2 ECC memory support for large capacity and enhanced server management features of the SM bus more comprehensive, manageable, and easy to maintain with Intel server CPU and for Windows / NetWare network operating system, but also part of the data processing of the UNIX family of operating systems to meet the small and medium-sized network users, file sharing, Internet access and a simple database application needs. Workgroup server than the entry-level server performance improved function has been enhanced, there is a certain degree of scalability, fault tolerance and redundancy performance is still not perfect, we can not meet the application of large-scale database systems, but the price than the former a lot more expensive, generally equivalent to 2 to 3 high-performance PC brand of the total price.

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