best foods for Heart health
First, rice soup
Rice soup is the heart patients should trust drink. Take four times the amount of water cooked rice, rice and water, soaked overnight before cooking. After cooking, the rice filtered, kept in the refrigerator all day sipping. Eat rice soup to sip slowly, avoid pouring down like irrigation to the throat. In order to obtain the best effect, it is best to drink between meals, instead of taking a meal.
Because that use would stomach enzyme dilution, unfavorable digestion. System hot drinks can be sweetened, if one wants to taste better, but also add lemon juice.
Second, the wonderful bioflavonoids drinks
12 orange and 1 lemon, chopped his flesh and seeds into a blender, can be prepared too delicious natural drinks. Bioflavonoids contained in this drink is very rich. Bioflavonoids belong to the vitamin C group, the treatment of colds, anti-infective natural medicine, not only prevent but also to the treatment of systemic bleeding, acute articular rheumatism, and capillaries too small or too fragile and easy-to-abortion uterine disease, the treatment of heart disease is also One of the best drinks. Alternately taking it with rice soup. Patients with heart disease taking the bioflavonoids drinks not too much, especially in the case of taking alternating with rice soup.
Third, the watermelon
Watermelon is a beneficial beverage and food in the treatment of heart disease. Watermelon is a good diuretic, and no side effects. Watermelon cut into small pieces, like to eat fried rice flower into his mouth as a whole piece of every few minutes to eat a small piece. In addition, such as eating, inseparable from the drink, put a watermelon on the plate next to replace the weekdays, water or other drinks.
Fourth, sunflower seeds
Intake of 60 grams of sunflower seeds is the best meal protein meal. Before use, sunflower seeds must be cleaned and peeled. Dentures of elderly patients can be smashed to take. The sunflower seeds can also be added to the salad, then sprinkled with wheat germ oil, nutritional supplements for dinner. Pumpkin seeds can be used as a substitute for sunflower seeds, this food is particularly suitable for those suffering from prostatitis patients.

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