the best findsthat for liver health
 (1) oats (oat meal)
    This complex carbohydrate (of good carbohydrate) digestion is very slow, can make people a sense of satiety and help stabilize the glycemic index. In addition, studies have shown that intake of oats can reduce the appetite for greasy food. Please note, be sure to eat oats without added sugar.
    Green leafy vegetables (leafy greens)
    Spinach, pickled vegetables, and other dark green leafy vegetables, fiber and good nutrition source. Studies have shown that green leafy vegetables contain more vitamins and antioxidants, consumed not only can prevent hunger, but also can prevent the risk of heart disease, cancer, cataracts and remember billion power loss.
 Olive and olive oil (olives and olive oil)
     Olives and olive oil contains a rich and healthy fats, olive oil can reduce the desire for junk food, and gave people a sense of satiety. Studies have shown that olives and olive oil are rich unit of unsaturated fat (monounsaturatedfat) helps to lower high blood pressure.
    (4) beans and legumes (beans and legumes)
    In all foods, legumes are the best source of fiber. Beans and legumes can stabilize blood sugar. In addition, they are rich in potassium, so it has to reduce dehydration, hypertension, stroke and other effects. . Legumes (especially soybeans) can burn fat. Studies have shown that soy isoflavones (isoflavone) in soy foods can accelerate the decomposition of stored fat. Another study showed that people who eat lots of soy foods than never eating soy, you can get rid of three times the excess weight.
    (5) garlic (garlic) and ocean LOH (onions.)
    Garlic and onions not only very tasty, but also contains the antioxidant phytochemicals (phytochemical) can be decomposed into stored fat, cholesterol, and kill viruses, bacteria, avoiding the risk of heart disease.
    6 tomatoes (tomatoes)
    Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene, can stimulate the body to produce an amino acid called carnitine (carnitine). Scientific research has shown that carnitine allows the body to accelerate fat burning up to one third. Another study showed that lycopene is a staggering efficacy of anti-oxidants can be reduced by 29 per cent chance of heart disease
    Nuts (nuts on)
    Not high temperature treatment (oxidation), not to add salt nuts, and can provide the fatty acids of the body helps to burn fat. Nuts are rich in nutrients, but also can reduce the probability of 60 per cent of heart disease. Studies have shown that consumption of nuts can reduce not only the index of high cholesterol, but also the effect of cholesterol-lowering drug, not to mention nuts absolutely delicious than drugs, without annoying side effects.
     8 red pepper (cayenne)
     Red pepper can speed up the metabolism, reduce the glycemic index in order to reduce excess insulin in the body --- insulin excess accumulation of fat in the body.
     Turmeric (turmeric, &)
    Turmeric (Indian food a spicy sauce) are rich in carotenoids (betacarotene), carotene is an antioxidant that can protect the liver from harm. In addition, turmeric can reduce the ratio of liver cells to store fat (fatty liver) to help the body metabolize fats, promotes liver back to health.
    10 Cinnamon (cinnamon)
    According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture study, quarter to one teaspoon of cinnamon added to food in, and immediately allows the body's metabolism of sugar, 20 times faster. When the blood contains excess sugar, it will trigger the body to store fat.
    11 Flaxseed and flaxseed oil (flax seeds and flax seed oil)
     Flaxseed and flaxseed oil can attract stocking body adipose tissue fat-soluble (oil-of soluble) toxins, these toxins and then routed to the in vitro.
    12 added to improve the nutrients of the liver and gallbladder function
     Meal take one to two digestive enzymes anchor. Digestive enzymes anchor is best able to contain: protein enzymes I, II, III (protease I, II, III), maltose enzymes (maltase), amylase (amylase addition had a), lipolytic enzymes (lipase), cellulolytic enzyme (cellulase) degradative enzymes (peptidase), lactase (lactase) converting enzyme (invertase).
    If you want to clean the liver of toxins in your diet every day, add two tablespoons of high quality, cold pressed flaxseed oil. In addition, you can after cooking, sprinkling food with two tablespoons of fresh flaxseed powder (you can use a coffee bean grinder, flaxseed ground into a powder). Please note that absolutely can not cook flaxseed and linseed oil.
    Try to eat garlic and onions, because these two foods are rich in sulfur, sulfur can help the liver to maintain normal function. In addition, try to eat more of the above-mentioned 12 best foods to fight fat,
    Lecithin (lecithin) can help the liver metabolism of fat, lower cholesterol levels. Lecithin contains called phosphatidyl choline (phosphatidylcholine) and fatty acid, can help the liver cells to stay healthy and avoid hoarding fat. In addition, lecithin can also relax blood vessels and allow blood to flow more smoothly to reduce high blood pressure. The common people can get lecithin from soy foods such as soy milk, tofu, miso, organic eggs, daily doses of 4,000 mg of lecithin capsules.
    Daily doses of a high quality vitamin and mineral supplements. In addition, daily doses of 1000-3000 mg vitamin C, even though comprehensive Vitamin inside has to contain some vitamin C, or additional supplement will be sufficient.
    To maintain liver health needs of taurine (taurine), especially liver disease more taurine (such as tissue swelling or water). It can help the liver production of bile, metabolism of fat, break down cholesterol, also contribute to bile flow, you can remove the toxic chemicals in the body.

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