the cat food urinary health
Discussion board for urinary tract disease diet full of warm,
Many people have opened a different topic to discuss.
Plus I have two small sons, but also ligation, it seems very dangerous look.
So aroused my interest in this issue get to the bottom
So blazing plus itchy, "cat food" and "urinary disease." To the ancient dog look.
Find a few pages, would like to share with you.
Although these articles have many overlapping parts, but is also often important, please bear with me.
And in order to respect the original author, and do not want to undermine the integrity of the people article.
I break out of standard
If the article (article), rather than discussion or class of personal opinion, but worried about copyright, so use the excerpts.
Source is not the pet food manufacturers or traffickers
3 in order to save network resources have been greatly broken before I jump in the past
In addition, when reading to remind everyone that
I am very lazy, translation only think the important part, otherwise is to simplify a lot of packages letter, attached to the original source, not satisfied with greatly Gaotai your eye.
Because I am not a veterinarian or a related field, there is no way to really judge the accuracy of the information to how many, can only think that seems reasonable, to share to everyone!
If there are errors, or someone has an idea, a lot of discussion, so I grew a little insight.

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