the cell food health benefits
Why CELLFOOD formula to add amino acids, enzymes and minerals
The protein is indispensable to the maintenance of life structure and function of biological macromolecules. The basic unit of protein amino acids, the body needs a variety of amino acids in a variety of specific proteins, such as hormones, antibodies, enzymes, cell food can provide a variety of amino acids.
Enzymes are the essential elements of the material conversion and energy metabolism, and promote changes in body chemistry, high-performance material. Cell food for the body to add a variety of enzymes.
The mineral elements are essential nutrients, usually, the human needs through dietary intake. Mineral elements can enhance the activity of enzymes to enhance the role of vitamins. Mineral elements involved in metabolism in the human body a variety of biochemical reactions, 95% can not be separated from the mineral elements. Cell food containing mineral elements, they are presented to the ionic state (electrolyte) colloidal particles, and can easily be absorbed and used by the cell.
In short, cell food is a more comprehensive and integrated nutrition supplements, it has super energy, will continue to produce new oxygen and hydrogen and a complete complement of various nutrients to your cells quickly

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