A. Dual-card dual-IP-wire: some of the early engine room but off their own technology / equipment, can not realize in the engine room router switch, only one server two network cards, two cable access Telecom / Netcom, to do so will lead to random fluctuations of the server routing, and lead to faster or slower in the user access or can not access this actually be eliminated backward. Two. Single IP-wire: single-line single IP dual-line, this is a new routing technology, IP does not belong to any telecom operators, when resolved, automatically determine the visitor is the kind of line, so that the IP to go that line to meet the needs of each line. However, two-lane single IP service router level in the engine room in accordance with the subscriber line, switch Telecom / Netcom line, most of the dual-line engine room is to obtain an IP address from Telecom, China Netcom, there is no permission to switch lines, leading to impossible to reach the entire network quick goal, but part of the IP domain of the autonomy of the engine room, but can not get enough bandwidth from Telecom / Netcom user access speed is not ideal. 3. Smart two-lane single card dual IP: in this way is somewhat similar to the above, but due to binding 2 IP on a single card, so can obtain an IP address from Telecom / Netcom DNS server as a smart switch in order to avoid the weakness of a single IP lane, real quick access to the entire network. Online there are some operators using third-party ISP line to reach the two-lane effect, that is, non-telecom Netcom line, such as: Mobile, China Unicom. This line whether it is connected to the Telecom and China Netcom are very good speed, the effect is really two-lane, but after all, bandwidth limitations, the speed is very good small sites, large site on the die. Therefore, we selected, you can try the menu card dual-IP-wire or a third party ISP line, the effects were good.
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The network card is very useful while using network connection,,i know the importance of this..nice to read this blog..


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