Data center in the great room of the early computing industry is the root. Early computer systems operation and maintenance of complex, requires a special environment to operate. Need a lot of cables to connect all the components, and thus the supply and organization, such as the standard bracket to position equipment, improved flooring, as well as cable plate (installed overhead or elevated floor). Similarly, the old computer requires a lot of power, had to be cooled to prevent overheating. The security is very important - the computer is very expensive, and often used for military purposes. The control computer room access to the basic design principle of design.
In the prosperity of the micro-computer industry, especially in the 1980s, computers began the development of four, in many cases little or no operational requirements. However, with the development of information technology (IT), the operation became complicated, gradually recognized the need to control IT resources. With the client - server computing, microcomputers in the 1990s (known as servers) began to find their place in the old computer room. The availability of inexpensive networking equipment, plus a new standard for network cable, making a room within the company, the use of hierarchical design to place the server this may be recognized at this moment, and continue to catch on.

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