The contents of the e-commerce website design and construction "includes: website operators the formation of the platform, the e-commerce site planning, e-commerce sites operating environment configuration, static web design and production of the e-commerce website, database design and management of e-commerce sites, e-commercedynamic website web design and production, the promotion of e-commerce sites, e-commerce sites, maintenance of the eight projects, as well as an e-commerce comprehensive Training Program. At the same time, "the e-commerce web site design and construction of" enhanced website, testing and evaluation, site management, the formation of a complete website building system, and provides a comprehensive example of a static and dynamic content e-commerce website construction process .
E-commerce website design and construction, both as e-commerce, computer applications, information management, and other professional vocational college textbooks, but also can be used as website building enthusiasts self-reference books and other training site design and defenders also have a certain reference value.

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