the fast food health facts
In order to promote more in-depth to crack down on illegally added and the abuse of food additives and special work carried out extensive supervision and inspection with connotation, relying on scientific methods and strength, and use scientific data to speak, so that the public understand the real foods are safe for consumption , quality. To this end, in July 5, 6 days time, the combination Province Food and Drug Administration special sampling requirements with the actual situation, the operation of the first municipal catering services link marked squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, homemade seasonings expand the randomness of sampling, 18 samples of 13 food and beverage units were taken to two types of samples of each extract 9, covering large, medium and small dining format. July 8 will be sent to all sample testing inspection of the provincial bureau designated inspection agency, Zhejiang Province, fair and Inspection Center Co., Ltd., to determine the specific test items by the provincial Food and Drug Administration.
This before the commencement of sampling activities, developed a detailed internal control program to determine the sampling personnel, a clear and reasonable division of labor, to implement the sampling, to send the kind of work utensils and equipment, rigorous, standardized procedures throughout the sampling process; activities in strict accordance with established program requires action, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are to be the customer finished drinking, the seasonings are catering units to be used in homemade sauces, to ensure that the samples taken with full randomness, the effectiveness of normality, aimed at real reflect the problems of food and beverage units daily. To control the number of samples required by the provisions of the extraction of each sample was divided into three equal portions, and to be sealed and to prepare for re-examination.
There are 16 kinds, according to the fair and Inspection Center of Zhejiang Province Limited inspection report, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices test items, plasticizing agents phthalate esters, the test results were not detected; homemade seasoning test for sodium saccharin, acesulfame, cyclamate, mainly food live additive sweeteners project, red chili sauce products to add inedible chemicals Sudan detection, test results are in line with s GB2760-2011, food regulation to do [2008], the technical requirements document.
Next, it will increase the food service aspects of food sampling efforts to promote food safety and quality improvement.

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