food and health food and health magazine, is an advocate to improve the quality of life science journals. Has a food culture column, "Heaven, Earth, talks to discuss health hot issues" healthy interaction "Written by an expert guide scientific diet" diet ". In addition, the "food map" will take you to tour the world, Bianchang food. You want to cook to show its mettle, is also available from the Octagon Recipe "and" private "Cooking homemade recipes to find insightful and practical. With health problems, but also with our medical experts "healthy face to face", so that food and health magazines, your personal physician.
Articles focus on industry and field, industry and market, product and technology focus on food processing, production to distribution and sales industry chain security. The spirit of the authoritative, comprehensive, high-end, in-depth principle, in order to build the field of food safety technology, knowledge, dissemination of information and communication platform for the pursuit of food production and processing, distribution and sales enterprise security adviser as its mission to become a food safety field worthy of the trust the content and service providers as the goal, trying to provide a full range of food safety technology solutions for the food industry enterprises. The magazine's readers to cover all categories of food industry production and processing enterprises, distribution and sales companies, food raw materials supply companies, packaging / processing machinery enterprises, plant breeding companies, food safety supervision, inspection, testing, certification, research, education and training institutions and government regulatory authorities and so on.

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