food and health communications
First, the Research

        Now, with the development of science, science awareness, we are beginning to show concern for nutrition and health problems, especially young people - the nutritional problems of this special group. For example: the Chinese Nutrition Society in July 2000 to develop a dietary nutrient reference intake [1], which on the students' daily energy intake do clearly defined. This aspect of the problem, many people carried out the study, mainly from the diet and nutrition widely significance conduct research, some of the chemical elements on human health carried out the exploration Chemistry and Health But high school students diet and nutrition few topics together. After some discussion, decided that the chemical survey and research on the students' dietary health problems.

Two, the purpose and significance of the subject

        Puberty, 人体各器官 generally accelerated growth and gradually reached a mature level. During this period, height, weight growth and the growth rate of the internal organs greatly accelerated. It can be said that high school is long knowledge, long body, enhance physical fitness, the most important, the most favorable period. Good nutrition, proper exercise and rest are three important factors that affect their physical and mental development. Puberty is extremely rapid physical development, coupled with learning tension, the volume of the activities, but also need more calories, vitamins and minerals. Therefore an early age to develop good eating habits to ensure a balanced mix of all kinds of nutrients has become a top priority [2]. We want a general understanding of this small survey of eating habits and the knowledge level of understanding of the high school students, to analyze the rationality of the high school food nutrition structure, and proposed for the lack of recommendations.

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