food for health emergency food supply this year, October 16, 31 World Food Day, this year's World Food Day theme is "Food prices - out of the crisis to achieve stability.

Food is food enough to the CAS. In fact, the "food problem" is always the country and bringing peace, the people's livelihood and the Department's top priority at all times no exceptions.

In 2011, the Xiamen Special Economic Zone entered the "thirties" a vigorous pace, the city's food distribution system has entered the Grain Market, market diversification, market supervision and standardization of the track of scientific development, the demand to meet the grain market and responding to various risks and challenges, to maintain stable and rapid economic and social development has laid a solid material foundation.

But as a net food sales areas, to guarantee stable prices of grain and oil in our city is still facing challenges, which means that the development of the food economy and expanding the production and marketing collaboration to strengthen quality control, building a modern grain storage, good emergency reserves, and improve the food security system, not only promote the city's food industry forward to ensure the city an important guarantee of the "12th five-Year" period of economic and social development is an important foundation for the west side of economic development across

On the occasion of World Food Day "and" national treasure food grain Saving Publicity Week "on the occasion, the city's food by the Secretary Tsang Yiu Man interview with this reporter, talked about the latest achievements in the city stored in food storage, such as processing and conversion made​​, called on the whole society to care of the food, save food, against food waste, and to build a universal and full participation "of saving food Xiamen.

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