Evaluation of the People's Republic of China star hotel standard hotel grade standards based on Star division is divided into a star to five-star five standard. Star to gold-plated five-pointed star symbol represents a star with a five-pointed star, the two five-pointed star two star, three five-pointed star, said the three-star, four five-pointed star four-star, five five-pointed star, said the five-star level, five platinum five-pointed star, platinum five-star. The lowest is one star, the highest platinum five-star. Stars with higher scores indicating higher the grade of the tourist hotels.
Five-star hotels
This is the highest level of the tourist hotels. The equipment is very luxurious, more perfect, in addition to the room luxurious facilities and service facilities. A variety of restaurants, large-scale banquet hall, conference hall, a relatively complete. Social, conference, entertainment, shopping, entertainment, health and other activity centers.
Four-star hotel
Luxury equipment, comprehensive service facilities, service projects, service quality, indoor environmental art, to provide quality services. The guests not only to have a high level of material comfort, but also can enjoy the spirit of good.
Star hotel
Equipped, not only provide accommodation, conference room, recreation room, bar, coffee shop, beauty salon and other amenities. This property belonged to the middle level in the internationally popular in larger quantities.
Award Hotel
Equipment in general, in addition to have the rooms, restaurant and other basic equipment, as well as for sale the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Barber comprehensive services and facilities, better service quality, a general class of travel.
Star Hotel
Simple equipment, with food, places two basic functions, to meet the guests of the easiest travel needs.

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