foods for gallbladder health
Cholecystitis can not eat any food, cholecystitis had started to worry about this problem seems to be some late. A lot of cholecystitis is because diets do not pay attention only had the disease, showing cholecystitis formation and diet are closely related. So how better treatment of cholecystitis? First thing to note cholecystitis can not eat, for cholecystitis is concerned, the diet is very important.
Cholecystitis can not eat anything, first of all the greasy food control: high-fat diet can cause gallbladder, gallbladder stones more easily incarcerated. Must strictly control the consumption of animal brains, offal, egg yolk, salted duck eggs, egg, squid, sardines, Crab and other foods with high cholesterol, and fat, lard, high animal fat diet. With high fat content of nuts have to eat, such as peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc.. Dietary fat should be divided among all meals, not concentrated in one meal.
Patients can drink lots of water to help excrete: Every day should ensure that the water intake to 1500-2000 ml {approximately 7-8 cups) to dilute the bile. Drinking water to drinking water as well, also the right amount to eat some rice soup, gruel, arrowroot flour, soy milk and other light drinks and food in order to reduce the viscosity of bile, promoting bile secretion and smooth excretion. Particular attention to drink strong coffee, tea, and sugary drinks.
Cholecystitis can not eat? Can not eat excessive sweets: excessive intake of sugar, increase insulin secretion, accelerate the accumulation of cholesterol, resulting in the imbalance between biliary cholesterol, bile acid, lecithin three. Also, too much sugar but also their own conversion to fat, promote body fat, thereby causing an increase in cholesterol secretion to promote the occurrence of gallstones. Sweet tooth must be careful not to overdose.
Cholecystitis can not eat what the problem is critical, but the diet contribute to good health, the treatment is also very important. Systolic function of the gallbladder can effectively digest, great help to the body, so the treatment of cholecystitis or to not to hurt the gallbladder to the main, so in addition to regular professional hospital for appropriate medical or surgical treatment, diet taboos, the patient is important to understand and pay attention to and actively cooperate with the doctors to do their daily nursing care.

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