foods for skin health
Beneficial to skin health food:
    1 romaine lettuce. 6 lettuce leaves on one day of vitamin A can promote the cell metabolism. In addition, the lettuce in the potassium can promote blood circulation, and let the skin get more nutrients.
2 tomatoes. The lycopene in tomatoes can protect the collagen in the skin, making it difficult to peel off. The German study found that lycopene can help flattening wrinkles, make skin smooth and delicate. Eat tomatoes, but also less prone to dark circles.
3 strawberries. Vitamin C in strawberries can promote collagen generation, make the skin smooth and elastic.
4 apples. The antioxidant quercetin in the apple skin can protect the skin from UV-damage. Therefore, the sun day, out the door in addition to putting on sunscreen, may wish to eat an apple.
(5) soybean. The study found that three or four-year-old women eat lobster sauce (rich in soy isoflavones aglycone "), helps to improve skin laxity.
6 eggs. The study found that eggs are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, can make the body resistant to ultraviolet rays capacity increased by 4 times.
7 almonds. Eat an almond can increase levels of vitamin E, vitamin E can inhibit skin aging, and prevent pigmentation.
8 walnut. Walnuts are rich in alpha linolenic acid, can nourish the skin to maintain skin elasticity.
9 dark chocolate. The fat in cocoa can improve blood circulation. The study found that the drink half a cup of cocoa rich in flavonoids mixture (dark chocolate) a day, 12 weeks in a row, make the skin soft, smooth, moisturize.
10 quality extra virgin olive oil. Healthy extra virgin olive oil contains essential fatty acids (EFAs) help prevent ultraviolet rays damage the skin and help skin moisturizing. The human body can not synthesize EFAs, it is best to daily intake of 1 tablespoon olive oil.
11 whole grain foods. Bread and other cereals in antioxidants, which protect the skin plays an important role. The natural antioxidants in the body increases with age, reduced, and therefore must be promptly added to the diet.
    According to the feeling of personal experience, the appropriate use of health care products with therapeutic approach to skin care is the best. See before me in a foreign magazine called the cultivation of boclear activating combination of skin care health products, is still taking the results were pretty good, that can regulate female metabolism, endocrine and gastro-intestinal disorders, and clear intestinal toxins, with more than two months, before the really obvious solution is difficult to cure some problems, the quality of sleep a lot better, the skin is not like before, Dry Sese, very moist and feeling , you can choose to see the actual situation according to their own.

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