health benefits of organic food
Worth three to four times higher, Kochi, high-income people is a major consumer of organic food in the end how healthy?
Drinking Maotai drink, eat eating shark, Golden Week vacation, and supermarkets to buy organic food ... and these users are summed up in the 2011 "Ten stupid". The name of the organic food among the best, amused apart, and also reflects the current food safety worries and concerns. Zhongshan has such a group, do not buy non-food supermarket, go to the supermarket non-organic do not buy. The same fruits and vegetables, the organic word, the price is several times than ordinary higher. How healthy organic food in our pursuit of green food, healthy living, in the end?
Organic food worth several times higher
Reporters at major supermarkets visited Zhongshan see, now, with the green and healthy living ideas popular, organic food on the market everywhere, many supermarkets also set up special local food counters or organic vegetables, organic fruits zones.
Organic tomato 11.4 yuan per 500 grams of ordinary tomato is 4.5 yuan per 500 grams; organic cucumber is $ 11 per 500 grams, 4.5 yuan per 500 grams of ordinary cucumber; organic lettuce is $ 5 per 500 g, 2.5 yuan per 500 g of ordinary lettuce; Organic carrots $ 12 per 500 g, 3 yuan per 500 grams of ordinary carrot. The reporter saw a supermarket in Zhongshan, in addition to the price of organic vegetables than ordinary vegetables of your three to four times the price of organic fruits, organic grains, organic milk, organic eggs than similar ordinary food are higher than several times and even ten-fold.
As the highest level of food quality certification of organic food requires the absolute prohibition of the use of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and other synthetic substances in the production and processing, soil, air, water and environmental quality to a very high demand. In order to ensure food safety, many consumers are willing to dig into their pockets to buy high-priced organic foods.
High-income groups are loyal "fans"
Over 40-year-old Ms. Huang is authentic the Shiqi people, her weekdays to buy food in the supermarket to buy organic vegetables. 7.5 yuan per kilogram of organic potatoes, organic white radish is 12 yuan per kilogram, organic baby food per kilogram to 20 yuan, small organic tomato per kilogram to 25 yuan 34 yuan box of organic blueberries. Reporters yesterday in Ms. Wong's food basket counted six or seven samples of organic vegetables and fruits doing is more than 160 yuan. Ms Wong said her family's organic rice more than 50 yuan a pound, yesterday bought a liter in Australia pure organic milk more than 30 yuan, 33 yuan organic eggs, or member price. This calculation, Ms Wong is the average monthly purchase of organic food should be up to six or seven thousand.
Only a month to eat and drink necessary to June 7000, Ms Wong is the same love of organic food consumers? A supermarket sales staff told reporters that Zhongshan is such a number of consumer groups, are generally Kochi, high-income people and their pursuit of high quality standard of living, the pursuit of health, love organic food, because of the fixed groups, organic food counter was able to "everywhere" in Zhongshan. Ms Wong told reporters in the newspaper to understand organic food is the highest level, security, food processing, according to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture production requirements and the corresponding standard production, the production process, the absolute prohibition of the use of pesticides, fertilizers hormones and other synthetic substances, and does not allow the use of genetic engineering technology, and at the same time may not exist within a certain distance of the origin around the factory source of contamination. Ms Wong believes that a price of a goods, organic foods several times than the ordinary food of your family eat up the rest assured, this is the most important.

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