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Europe and the United States vegan increase in the number of dogs to keep up with the trend of the nickname of 'vegetarian dog' but 'vegetarian dogs' health? Text / Shou (Colorado State University, MA) according to a survey of 33 states and Canada on 300, 'vegetarian dog' have a rather interesting results ...
The number of Europe and the United States vegetarians (Vegetarians) year after year surge among the faithful human partner dog, naturally also keep up with this fashion trend, there has been the so-called 'vegetarian dog (Vegetarian Dog)' nickname. The world's best vegetarian dog
Vegetarian beneficial to human health as early as the medical community confirmed vegetarian in line with the spirit of Buddhist compassion and nursing students, the Westerners to raise the spiritual level, vegetarianism is a necessary means. Buddhist scriptures ︰ beings are equal! Dog who really love dogs, it should not 'slaughter a pig to feed the dog' or 'get rid of cattle to feed the dog'! Words in a Buddhist point of view, and the people due to ignorance rotation to the beasts, the dog attached to human survival, they do not have the number of independent opportunities and capabilities, human beings 'killing DOG' adding to the sin of the dog, karma, karma network more complex wrapped accompany the future of the dog will be born with how the good way?
But the 'vegetarianism dog' enough health? I believe this topic will be of concern for animal lovers, 'vegetarian dog health survey' aimed at studying the do not eat meat (is meatless ie, vegetarian diet of) or do not eat any animal products (animalproduct-free vegan diet) healthy dog . Excerpt part of the following important conclusions ︰
This survey survey of 300 U.S. 33 states and Canada 'vegetarian dog' as a period of one year, the survey items include dog age, dogs, dog sex, dietary habits, health status and so on. The results showed that 82% of vegetarian dog health condition to ︰ good to excellent (in good to excellent health), and have been vegetarian for more than five years accounted for 34.7% of dogs do not eat meat (vegetarian dog), do not eat any animal products, dogs accounted for 65.3% (vegandog).
Vegetarian dog is happiest
What is a dog health status 'good to excellent (in good to excellent health)'?
The report quoted a happy dog ​​owner's description ︰ manners lively, Mao Faliang dog, slim, energetic, there is no odor. After reading the above description, not to mention that the dog will choose vegetarian, dogs are most afraid to get all kinds of disease (Infections of all kinds), however, surveys indicate that ︰ 300 vegetarian dogs, vegetarian dog when in vegandog more than four years, or when more than five years, do not have any infectious diseases. 300 vegetarian dogs, only 34 (11.3%) stained with skin diseases.
300 vegetarian dogs, 12 dogs (4%), heart problems, mild 2 dogs, 11 dogs (3.6%) overweight, and 10 dogs (3%) have digestive problems, eight dogs ( 2.6%), thyroid insufficiency, hearing loss or deafness of the eight dogs (2.6%), poor health status of vegetarian dog.
Most healthy vegetarian dog
The survey report concludes summarized as follows ︰
Longer vegetarian dog, the better health status.
Longer vegetarian dogs, less likely to get infectious diseases, cancer and thyroid insufficiency.
Longer vegetarian dog, dog urine alkalinity can be increased, thereby reducing the chance of infection of the urethra.
Longer vegetarian dog, the less the threat of heart disease.
    Even the people will choose vegetarian, is not it!

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