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The maximum display area of health food labels layout should be marked signs of health food, health food name and the product can not replace drugs warning.

"Not suitable for people of fonts should be slightly larger font of appropriate crowd. Health food labels and instructions shall not be marked, express or implied, with the prevention and treatment of disease role.

(Reporter Huang Pei) yesterday on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration released the exposure draft of the new requirements of the health care tab, health food labels and instructions are not allowed to label the expressed or implied by the role of prevention, treatment, disease, and spoke according to food has also been the first to be labeled "irradiated" on labels.

In addition, nutrient supplements may not claim a particular health care function.

The irradiated food should be stated on the label, this is called "health food label instructions regulations (draft) decision for the first time, health food processed by ionizing radiation should be in the main display panel near the "health food name marked" irradiated food "or the words" this product is irradiated. By any of the ingredients treated with ionizing radiation should be in the list of ingredients in the name of the ingredient marked with the word "irradiated".

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