health food for kids
1, the best staple foods: whole grains
A variety of baby the necessary nutrients of whole grains contain iron, vitamins, magnesium, zinc and crude cellulose. In Western countries, whole wheat flour is called the best staple food raw materials, many families are baked whole wheat bread as a staple food of the baby, wipe the baby's special cheese on top, nutrition is even more abundant. Although the country's eating habits, but nutrition is no national boundaries. We can coarse grain and flour mixed production of staple foods (such as sponge cake), and also give the baby brings a wealth of nutrition.
To picky children: a lovely sandwiches with chocolate sauce and whole wheat bread, then put a creative shape of the Beatles, when his interest attracted by the lovely shape, they will not care about the bread, how not white.
2, the best fruit: kiwi
Known as the kiwi nutritional gold mine, rich in vitamin c, According to analysis, the the hectogram kiwi pulp vitamin c content of 100 to 420 milligrams, called the fruit "vc King" Additionally, it contains rich protein, sugar, fat and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, but it contains dietary fiber and antioxidants, can play a heat pathogenic fire, moistening the role of catharsis. But note that the Kiwi middle part of seed so as not to give the baby to eat more, because this part is not easy to digest.
To find fault with the children: If your baby does not like to eat raw kiwi, can also be made into fruit juice or kiwi sauce, as good.
3, the best vegetables: spinach
Spinach major nutrients for the baby vitamin a and folic acid, and there are some vitamin c and iron. Because it does not savor the baby are usually like to eat. And the usefulness of the spinach, you can use it as a side dish of decorative, you can also put some ketchup on it, you can also use it instead of lettuce on the baby's sandwich. But remember, you can not eat it and the tofu, otherwise it will affect the absorption of calcium.
Picky children: baby to eat vegetables has been the mother of the troublesome things, if you have more than a little effort to do a creative vegetables and rice, such as a spinach sushi, spinach rice, baby will never think of this interesting and goodies was originally made of spinach.
4, the best breakfast: cereal
Even if the baby cereal for breakfast, bought from the supermarket is also very healthy. It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. However, in the purchase to choose your baby dedicated, low salinity. Their own home produced rice, polenta is also very nutritious. Should be noted that, eat breakfast cereal with the milk, the milk of choice is important, less than 2 years old the baby is best not to use skim milk, less than 1 year old baby is best to use breast milk or formula.
To picky kids: Breakfast on the baby is very important. Will certainly be interesting cook breakfast baby like a banana villain (rich in potassium), a glass of milk (rich in calcium) and then breakfast cereal sprinkled on top, put into an interesting shape.
5, the best fast food: pizza
And other fast foods, Phi Surrey mixture of protein (cheese), sugar and vegetables (tomatoes, d) a variety of nutrition is more suitable for baby food, and doing it very simple, just baked in the oven for a few minutes a.
To find fault with the children: what baby does not like pizza? In most cases you encounter, the baby will continue to require you to give him a copy. Should be noted that to do pizza or buy pizza, try to choose more of the vegetables.

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