health food shop
1, the credibility
5M store a series of customer complaints, opinions, claims management, give consumers a good impression on ordinary pharmacies, health food supermarket because of the quality of personnel, management is often a problem can not find the responsible for each other Selection Committee, blaming each other, leaving a very bad image to the consumer. And health food some way of taking consumers do not understand, now the 5M shop run this business, certainly not far away, the 5M store will be their first choice.
2, professional
5M shop only for the manufacturer of products, manufacturers a series of training and technical support on the product's features and use are very professional, so that the "special and fine." Pharmacies, health food supermarkets contact health care products, each product is not very proficient in miscellaneous and Bo can do more in some professional knowledge is, I do not know the second. In the dissemination of 5M shop is a great advantage.
3, after-sales service protection
As competition increased, 5M shop businesses increasingly focus on the establishment of the service brand, coupled with the backing of the 5M stores health food manufacturers, so in the service area can be protected. Product quality, reduce trouble for the future after-sales service. If the purchase 5M shop can promise the owners returned, eliminating the worries of consumers, it would be an important means to attract consumers to buy one.
4, user-friendly
Allow consumers to truly enjoy the feeling of "God" in the 5M shop, tired, massage chairs, thirsty to drink, boredom can look at magazines, books, newspapers, supermarkets, pharmacies, health food supermarket simply do less. And the 5M shop service not only for the door customers, including customer service phone service phone is not annoying, greetings. Reminder notes, asked to take response, home visitation services for special customers, allowing customers moved after the emotional connection. Dry does not affect the lives of little things to help the customer.

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