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 With the continuous improvement of living standards, health care products into people's lives in the street, we often see the words of the health food stores, health food stores operating what?
Narrator: Recently, the reporter for several health food stores in Harbin visit, found that many stores have varying degrees of irregular operations. A sexual health products firm in the Nangang District, Ma Street home, a door, the shopkeeper, we strongly recommend a is said to enhance male sexual health drugs,
Year: buy this these days, buy this.
Narrator: But in the packaging box of the drugs recommended by the shopkeeper did no formal lot number and drug ingredients.
During the same period: this medicine there is no lot number can use it, and have no side effects?
Right, have sold a lot,
Voice: countries from January 1, 2004 has been canceled the drug lot numbers of health care health famous drugs have been changed Yaozhun and fresh key word, but the spirit in this health food stores on the counter, smoking cessation, oral health care drugs of balsam and other 78 kinds of drugs, the key word is still in the public sale. (Pause) Then, the reporter went to the declared Hing Street, declared Hing Street several songs house around sexual health food stores are also more concentrated. In a health products store reporters learned here in openly sales "Viagra" and other countries banned imported drugs privately operated.
During the same period: Viagra,. How much money one hundred and ten, is not the kind of prescription drugs in the Medical,
Is that. What do you want, I'll give you cheaper.
With the gradual specification of the health pharmaceutical market, health medicine will also be fully integrated into the operating range of food and medicine, we believe in the inspection of the relevant departments under the supervision of the health care market will also be an effective treatment.

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