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People eating rice balls, not knowing that the food is flavored rice balls, is not exclusive for our country and abroad also have all kinds of dumplings.
American rice balls, common enamel meat rice balls flavored snacks. It made ​​of yellow and the amount of pork, add onion, salt, salad, stuffing balls, fried with wheat packets of glutinous rice, broiled or fried food.
French glutinous rice balls, which made ​​meat balls with the end of the yam paste, tomato sauce, ham, cheese, sugar, and then glutinous rice flour and potato mix packet stuffing pills, cooked dry fried instant.
Korean rice balls, the employer participate in a moist and soft, crisp powdered into sesame end of the Rose mud, cherry honey and sugar and chicken fat, fry pellets packet into the glutinous rice, boiled dumplings fresh and delicious, very tonic effects.
Singapore-style rice balls, the end of the sesame seeds, Guaren, orange cake, peach and other filling, coupled with the rose sugar, sugar Bancheng stuffing strips, then cut the virtual temperature glutinous rice wrapped into boiled cooked, sweet and Run the mouth, food is soft.
Health Guidance, pepper unrestrained, bass delicious, this dish can be regarded as color, flavor and taste! Dear housewife friends, "hands-on and Xiaobian this exotic cuisine!
Lemon is a unique flavoring fruit in Southeast Asia, Thailand is often squeezed into the lemon juice in a dish, it exudes a rich fruity.

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