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With the continuous improvement of the domestic economic and cultural levels, the public for their own health is also increasingly concerned about the growing sense of self-care, more and more scientific and rational, and unlimited growth opportunities for our health care industry. The best dermatology hospital in Beijing
Health food industry in China is mainly formed by the junior market: 1. Based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, the medicinal plant-based products; the theory of nutrition, based on various types of nutrients nutritional supplements for resources; biology, theoretical basis, the products generated by the biotransformation. About 560 billion yuan annual output value of China's health industry, manufacturers of about 1700, about 25,000 sales enterprise, dermatology sales volume reached 90 billion yuan. 2011 annual sales of over one hundred billion without. As of the end of 2011, China has approved a health food 11862, 11197, which made imports 665. The output value exceeding 300 billion yuan.
The origins of health food has a long tradition of health, after thousands of years of development, China has accumulated a wealth of experience in health care, and health culture with Chinese characteristics, and provides an important theoretical basis for China's health food products developed. But the development of China's health food industry is not easy, at present, the development of the health food industry is facing the following problems: 1. Health food inadequate laws and regulations. The lack of legal basis for the "health food supervision and management regulations have not yet introduced to combat the illegal production and sales industry, affecting the operation and supervision of the implementation of health food production; prohibited items when the situation is illegal to add. Some manufacturers in order to highlight some of the products of special effects, without authorization to add the prohibited items, and how the prevention of skin diseases pose a threat to the health of consumers. Such as illegally added to growth hormone in promoting growth and development of products; illegal operation of the health food of repeated. The lure of the interests of some dealers theft or fraudulent use of the signs of health food, ordinary food as health food sales promotion. Seriously disrupting the order of the health food market; health food false hype is serious. For profiteering through advertising media, the health food production enterprises wantonly exaggerated the effect, arbitrarily increase the health care function, extended to the crowd, to mislead consumers.
Health health for the people of the world has become increasingly important with the growing number of the consumer population, the health food market has great potential. The same time, consumer demand for diversity and pluralism, will promote market segments gradually established and perfected.

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