healthy food to eat
Healthy lifestyle is the only way to stay away from chronic diseases, had inadvertently saw the word, the source of the source have no recollection of, but I was very impressed, thought, "If man is destined to grow old, it is necessary to living longer and better all these years in preventive medicine, so I appreciate the more "things do not care about the health of the most important". In the end what is the definition of health? Health not just sick, but to be physical, psychological, and social aspects can adapt properly; work achievements, and families in need of harmony, happy life needs ... needs a healthy and vibrant body as the basis. Long-term nutritional imbalances will lead to physical and biochemical damage, and gradually produce functional disorders and cause the damage of the disease; Therefore, if you want to prevent disease, you must start with the daily diet to start. However, today's society, people are the most difficult is a balanced diet, hectic lifestyle of today's fast-food culture, often excessive consumption of fat and calories. A balanced diet and health food complement each other, in order to achieve a balanced nutrition. The current time progresses, the health food market flooded with nutritional knowledge widely available, but also disorders chapter, consumers nothing to follow. Therefore, have the correct nutrition and health knowledge and ideas is very important. Graphic health food usage: eat more healthy "is a practical guide of a modern-required health food, not only to give readers a clear understanding of the health food is defined and the correct use of concepts, a clear description of a variety of health food features and take precautions, and listed in accordance with various diseases and special physical health food suitable, detailed and lucid. This must be emphasized that the recommendations in the book is not intended to replace mainstream medical treatment, if any diseases, still need to follow the physician told, for treatment. Hope the readers can be a little more effort to take care of themselves, pay attention to the daily diet, to observe the needs of the body, proper nutrition knowledge, collected more than asked several doctors and nutrition experts recommend tailor their own nutrition plan, and have a healthy lifestyle, Keep away from chronic diseases.

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