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One of one week weight loss recipes

  Breakfast: coffee, apple

  Lunch: rice (a bowl) fried potatoes green pepper silk, raw cucumber, purple buds soup

  Night: boiled shrimp (only), bean curd, salad raw onions, celery buds

The second of the one week diet

  Breakfast: Porridge (one bowl), bread (a) grape

  L: carp radish, tofu soup, boiled eggs (1), vegetable salad

  Night: a small bowl of mung bean porridge bread (a), raw mix tomato paste, raw cucumber

The third of the one week diet

    B: Oolong tea, kiwi

  Afternoon: burning bamboo shoots, broccoli salad, a boiled egg

Four of the one week diet

  B: rice (a bowl), whole wheat bread (one), oranges

  Lunch: Roasted beef, vegetables and salad, winter melon soup, raw tomatoes

  Night: a small bowl of polenta, bread (a), burning asparagus, raw cucumber

Five of the one week diet

  Breakfast: coffee, apple

    L: a small bowl of rice, vegetarian stew lentils, stir-fried vegetables, winter melon soup

  Night: chicken, burned carrots, celery salad

Six of the one week diet

  Breakfast: porridge (a small bowl) oranges

  Lunch: boiled eggs, burning marine fish, mushrooms stir-fried vegetables

  Late: the sweet potato porridge (a bowl), spinach salad, cake (or two)

Seven of the diet books a week

  B: green tea, apple

  Afternoon: carrot, celery and pork liver, boiled eggs (1) tomato soup

  Late: green bean soup, garlic mixed with kelp, steamed (1 2), raw cucumber

  (Note: This diet is popular "eating according to international law" (separate protein foods and carbohydrate foods to eat, aimed at two types of food should not be the synthesis of fat) and conducive to human health, the young nucleic acid diet method and design.)

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