healthy snacks
The following is suitable for children to eat in between meals "everyday" snacks recommendations.


  Milk, such as Dumex 1 plus milk, Dumex and milk soy milk

  Fruit and vegetable juices (not unsweetened 100% fruit juice)

  Yogurt drinks

  Chocolate or malt beverages


  The flavor of the whole fruit or fruit slices, yogurt, cheese or milk can also be provided with in order to increase the intake of the children of the protein (protein) and calcium (calcium).

  Fresh - apples, bananas, New Zealand fruit, oranges, papayas, pears, grapes (seeded)

  Preserved fruit - apricots, dates, figs, raisins, prunes (pitted), apples, pears


  Raw or steamed fresh vegetables, butter, cheese or milk to add protein and calcium.





  Sweet potato / yam / cassava (steamed, boiled or roasted)

  Corn on the cob (steam / microwave oven baked)


  Peas, soybeans and soy products:

  Steamed / roasted peas, roasted chestnuts, bean soup (some sugar), baked / fried bean cake
  Cereal products:

  Bread - whole wheat / whole grain bread and white bread replaced. And lean meat, low fat cheese, tuna, sardines, jam, peanut butter,

  Dishes pull together to improve the taste, increase nutrition

  Dry cereal - 'unsweetened' or different types of each less than 3 grams of sugar. While providing a low-fat milk, dried fruit, yogurt, nuts, etc., to increase diversity and nutrition

  Biscuits - most crackers goods added fat and sugar. Flavor biscuits or semi-sweet biscuits.

  The Xiaobian especially recommended: a useful baby's snacks

  Every child should eat snacks, what snacks good for her child? How to eat? Believe this is the concern of parents.

  A. Dairy products. A variety of dairy products (such as yogurt, milk, cheese, etc.) contain high quality protein, fat, sugar, calcium and nutrients and therefore should ensure that children eat every day. Yogurt, cheese can be used as afternoon snacks, milk morning and bedtime consumption.

  Two. Fruit. The fruits contain more sugar, inorganic salts, vitamins and organic acids, often eat the fruit can promote appetite and help digestion, growth and development of young children is extremely useful. The best day meal to eat the right amount of fruit. For more than four months, but not any teething children. Bananas, apples and other fruit pulp can be scraped with a spoon and fed the children to eat. Teething children fruit cut into small pieces with a spoon to scoop the food. Children over 2 years old to wash his hands, his own Take, eat. Choice, opt for mature, rotten fruit, immature fruit containing succinic acid. The succinic acid can strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and digestive function affecting children, the fruits of corruption can cause gastrointestinal inflammation.

  3. Pastries. Pastries (cookies, cake, bread, etc.)-containing protein, fat, sugar, all kinds of cream flowers point also contain pigments, flavors and additives, new child to eat pastries for afternoon snacks, to supplement the heat, not able to cakes as a staple food , let the children free food. Especially before meals.

  4. Hawthorn products. Hawthorn cake, hawthorn piece sweetend roll, etc., these foods containing vitamin C, can help digestion, moderate consumption after a meal can help digestion and promote appetite.

  5 Candy. Containing large amounts of sugar candy, can provide heat, but children should not eat, especially before meals should not eat candy, due to sugar make your child a sense of fullness, thus affecting the food intake of children meals.

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