organic food health benefits
Iodized salt is a fortified foods. Simply put, fortified foods people must, at the same time, the lack of micronutrients, dietary supplements to the body of the people go.
 A fortified foods, many people think nutrition to increase the number of times, in fact, not. In China, food fortification is missing nothing to add to a very low level to give you added. Because of the high industrialization of food processing extent, a lot of nutrition in the process lost fortified foods is a recovery supplement. Countries to strengthen the food has a clear quality standards, and thus strengthen the food is very safe.
Add ingredients
China has identified several foods, such as the cereals, flour, rice, tone category, salt, soy sauce, cooking oil, such as food carrier, the lack of nutrients, according to its own nature with reasonable scientific distributed in its carrier.
 Now, some companies have introduced fortified foods, mainly to add vitamin B1, vitamin B2, in which according to most people. Folic acid, iron, zinc and calcium.
Fortified foods is an important way to improve nutrition, combined with China's current nutritional status, many people have the problem of nutritional deficiencies can be met through consumption of fortified foods nutrition, which can improve people's health; away from a variety of chronic non-communicable disease, the individual's quality of life will be significantly improved.
 If everyone's quality of life improved, the social qualities of the region will improve, improve economic competitiveness and education capacity will be followed.
The food industry in 2008 as a "wonderful, bursting out in the Manufacturing Industry in the global financial crisis this year." China's manufacturing industry is facing a huge test of the global financial crisis in 2008, the outstanding performance of the food industry, the role played by China's food industry in expanding domestic demand is huge, and there is great potential for development.
 Current Chinese food industry or the initial processing of agro-food raw materials, refined and processed relatively low level, is in the formative years. Food industry is perfectly competitive industry, low concentration, a high proportion of small and medium enterprises, low technical level, homogeneity serious, intense price competition and narrow profit margins, industry consolidation and the improvement of industry maturity, industry profits to the enterprise The rapid concentration of the industry leaders will take on the important task of integration of industry resources.
Agriculture is the foundation for the development of the food industry, the degree of processing of agricultural products determine the size and competitiveness of the food industry. Processing of agricultural products in developed countries output and agricultural output ratio of 3:1, China is only 0.5:1; developed and deep processing of grain accounted for the proportion of the total grain output in more than 70%, 8%; processing of agricultural products in developed countries extent of more than 80%, less than 50%. This is the gap, the potential lies. According to the trend of the "Eleventh Five-Year" development of food industry, the Chinese food market in the future will be towards the convenient shortcut of; nutrition, health care; diversity, function and safety in the direction of development, the level of consumption will gradually improve. The core of the international food market competition will focus on the scale and technological level of the processing industry, through the realization of economies of scale and improve the core competitiveness to compete for greater market share.

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