only sunshine, health findsthat
 The cheapest, natural Viagra, is the sun. Graz, Austria Medical University researchers found that, at least per milliliter of blood containing 0.03 micrograms of vitamin D in men, testosterone content than vitamin D levels below 0.03 micrograms, per milliliter of blood is much higher. It is understood that 0.03 micrograms of vitamin D per milliliter of blood within the body to normal levels per milliliter of blood, 0.04 to 0.06 micrograms of the best. UV irradiation, 90% of the body of vitamin D is generated by the skin.

Studies have shown that the level of testosterone in the body, changes with the fluctuations of the vitamin D content. Autumn of October each year, the human body, vitamin D and testosterone levels will decline in sync, and in the coming year in March to a minimum. This is because the short time to be in the outdoors, the sun a chance less. The study also reconfirmed the sun one hour a day, the body testosterone can be increased by 69%.

Netherlands the sunshine Research Forum spokesman, Brand said: "If the people to ensure adequate vitamin D levels, conducive to the stability of testosterone levels, libido is also at a higher level. This finding greater impact on men."

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