A load load than the amount of space, although the application of the virtual host multiple users sharing a stand-alone server, but users need to understand, in the end how many users share the same server resources to service providers. Because the only service provider to make a fair allocation of the share of resources between individual users can be assured that the actual interests of most users. If too many users sharing the server overload run, will inevitably reduce the stability of the server, reducing CPU processing capacity, difficulties in the program is running, allowing users to visit the Web site can not find the page can not be linked to the database, or even unable to access such serious failure. In general, the different types of services provided under the virtual host, few users of a server to share a few, should not be more than the limits of the hundreds of users. Some number of servers is not enough service providers to maximize the use of the hands of limited hardware resources, or even placed on a single server to thousands of users, the effect can be imagined. Therefore we want to have reasonable resources to protect the virtual service, you must pay attention to the strength of the service providers. If the service provider using the number of servers, the user load in the selected virtual hosting services "specific" commitments. It is best to choose the kind of large-scale multi-comparison web hosting service providers to do the partners. Second, the traffic flow is the number of user site may access, service providers the same principle of fair allocation of server resources, each user site traffic to be restricted, but the problem is that they limit the extent of If the limit value is too small it will greatly damage the interests of users, and can even think, if the flow value to a very small site storage space for useless, because it makes the user site browsing speed, especially slow. In general, as long as the services provided by a more adequate hardware resources would not be too restrictive to flow. And those who attempt to "full" use of limited hardware facilities can not provide a lot of traffic service providers, in order to be able to attract as many users as possible, it will take only add a hard drive without Additions server this sacrifice server stability consideration, the way the same type of hosting space capacity increase by tens of megabytes to flaunt its "large" advantage. Third, the number of links number of links that can accept applications in a flash and then open the web page access number, the size of the link value is directly related to virtual user on the host site login access level. If the link count limit too little, you can access the user site number is very limited user page will allow visitors to wait for too long, not normal circumstances, general indicators support the standard of the number of links will not The Xing limited. But some service providers can easily monitor user, forcing them to choose high price level virtual service type, but also rigid numerical division of the number of links, so need to pay special attention to the user to buy. Fourth, online rates take the construction site should always be to keep it running state to ensure that visitors can log on at any time. This was originally a matter of course requirements, foreign web hosting providers are generally user site uptime commitment. However, only a few service providers in the country a clear commitment to ensure line rate of the user site, the majority of service providers due to bandwidth, hardware capabilities and management capacity constraints, it is prone to downtime problems, it is not or is not willing to issue Open the "quantitative" guarantee. Five flexibility flexibility is whether the ISP can provide users with the economic, convenient service options. There are two points worthy of special attention to: first, whether the decision to increase the amount of web space capacity; another is the ability to use the same price to use a different operating system platforms. Because these two issues are directly related to the interests of users Once the user's site to the original amount of space close to saturation, the user must increase to configure the job. But the problem is that many service providers reap high benefits, generally does not allow users Shizhao twenty trillion increase a small amount of space, but only allows the increase in the standard of the Fast, disguised to force users to upgrade, which would allow users spend a lot of money to buy the wealthy resources of those who simply do not have access. Operating system could freely elect, and some users accustomed to using the unix platform, while others are good at website platform with windows nt, but some vendors based on the difference on such use of the same type of site service area is divided into price on the different grades. So before buying, but also to "shop around". The site features a lot of businesses just access to the Internet services provided by the site management interface is not so simple to use, the feature does not then complete, it is difficult to operate smoothly in the future use of the Site. So it should be noted, whether the ISP provides for the user of the website like the automatically generated page module, frontpage extensions, functions, and so can spare yourself the trouble to do complex operations.

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