With the cold weather, deli cooked meat became an essential food of the family dinner table, but many of the deli in the manufacture of cooked meat, canned meat and sauce, pickled food, nitrite as a coloring agent and preservative. Make human hemoglobin loss to the oxygen-carrying talent, as quoted in the beginning of halo, if the consumption of excessive amounts of nitrite, nausea, hard heavy breathing, coma, and death due to respiratory failure and death of. Long-term consumption of food can also lead to the occurrence of esophageal cancer, liver disease, excessive nitrite.
Should pay attention to in everyday life: do not eat poor quality cooked food, especially the overly bright red appearance of the cooked meat; eat erosion deterioration and placed in the fridge too long food; do not often drink after repeated boiling water and steamed buns food steamer water; pickles to be preserved for at least 20 days and then eat fresh vegetables contain a certain amount of non-toxic nitrate reduced to nitrite in salted the process of salted four hours after the Asian nitrate in the beginning of significant growth in content reached a peak about 15 days, then gradually landed.

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