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Many people in the gym
"Now, after work to practice yoga, dinner, eat an apple." Public Yu has always wanted to have a slim body, so she chose to practice yoga. A work after the Spring Festival, Yu gave himself set a goal, thin 1.5 kg within a week. Xiaoyu told reporters that she chose the yoga studio is almost full every day, when more than one class of fifty or sixty.
Yesterday afternoon, see the Shanhai Fitness Club, treadmills, bicycles rare vacancies. The treadmill exercise machine Wang told reporters that he usually pay more attention to fitness, weight has been well maintained. During the Spring Festival, and his weight gain a lot of work after quickly to fitness.
Festival Club opening day, many people come to do the card, completely beyond our estimates. "The Shanhai fitness club coach black one constant, told reporters.
All care the home health
 Family doctor, the people called "community family physicians now, the city's many community health service centers provide a" family doctor "site service to establish health records for residents of long-term follow-up, hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Reporters yesterday on the medical institutions of the city only one was named provincial demonstration - Shashi District, Zhongshan community health service center visits. "To provide convenience for the residents, I am grateful to them." Who lives in the cotton mills quarters of Shashi District Shek Tong Elderly said a few days ago, Shashi District, Jingzhou City, Zhongshan community health service center of the doctors take the initiative to come to her blood pressure measurement. Shek Tong Ying She has over 70 years old, walking, and needs the wheelchair, so it is rarely go to the hospital, do not know for their own health, community health service centers, doctors take the initiative to come to her blood pressure measurement while also left a phone number. The doctors said, the elderly who need medical services, they will keep coming.
    Shashi Zhongshan District Community Health Center Director Liu Anhui, Jingzhou City, the "family doctor" services have long carried out, covering almost the entire Jingzhou City. It is understood that the Zhongshan community has established a "grid" service agencies, and the formation of a professional team of doctors, medical services to residents of the home, and made ​​gratifying achievements. At present, the community health service centers take-home survey, the family unit, category management for the specific circumstances of the residents, the residents of the various types of health information for the residents to establish a complete health records, and to keep residents provide on-site service.
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The older sense of happiness, the lower
Investigators to the children's life satisfaction score, 1 being the worst, 10 being the most happy and well-being. Interviewed people were divided into eight points, to select the proportion of 10 to nearly half, 46.5 percent of children that the most fun and happiness. In different school-age children, as age increases happiness worse, the pupils of average happiness is 8.4, the middle school students was 7.05 points and 7.36 points for high school students.
The survey shows that the main problems facing children now the top few are: easy to network addiction (69%), lack of exercise (51%), learning pressure (50%), lack of household labor and academic burden (accounting for 43% and 44%).
Communicate with parents, children daily 32 minutes
The survey shows that parents and children, the average daily communication time is 32 minutes, the average primary, secondary and high school children and parents chat is not very different, indicating that the length of time with the children of parent-child communication independent of the learning phase.
Order to improve the quality of children's doing, the parents, the top three accompany their children and play games together (42%), often move together (39%), interest classes (38%).
the home health and fitness
Beginning in 2009, Changping have been 6600 people gradually become a home health worker. Hu, who lives in Zejie Regency district into this year's 69-year-old, elderly people from a young age to pay attention to the salt and less oil, seven full meal, focusing on sleep, daily Liuwan, are writing a book, exercise fitness equipment, body bone very tough. A few years ago, his wife suffering from high blood pressure, Hu into the duty-bound elderly people when starting a family health workers, to urge his wife every day appropriate exercise, take medicine on time, to make her laugh, his wife's blood pressure has been very stable.
"We will give priority to consider their own chronic illness or family members of residents with chronic diseases have been elected Members of the family health community doctors will work with home health workers to establish a stable contact, the implementation of the responsibility of the responsibility of physicians, and family health workers each year face to face or telephone communication, understanding his own and the health status of family members. Changping District Health Board official said.
It is understood that the 2007 to 2010 the city through the implementation of the Chronic Disease Prevention Family Health Worker program, to promote the formation of residents' healthy lifestyles and health knowledge concepts, enhance self-management levels of the health of residents; build a community health service institutions and residents mutual exchange, mutual trust, good communication platform for home health workers has become one of the effective means of preventing chronic illnesses. 2011 -2015 years, the city continue to promote the culture of family health workers plan to train 100,000 home health workers.
homes care
According to my understanding, many family members of patients and even doctors are interested in concealing some of the cancer patient's condition, and now needed in order to avoid accusations of malpractice occur often, and patient care, health care, disease and other communication, had early disease inform patients and their principals in order to facilitate treatment and the truth, then, even though many patients of their condition has long been expected to, been confirmed psychological reactions is very complex, from fear, denial to the silent, inconsistent with the behavior of medical care.
Talked about the psychological care of patients, Shandong Cancer Hospital put three matron Lvzhuan love I said, the patients of different ages have different psychological reactions should be taken to the targeted psychological counseling. For younger patients, nurses should communicate with, establishment of a friend type of nurse-patient relationship; middle-aged patients are the pillars of the family, the dual pressures of society and families, nurses should encourage patients to be strong to face, in order to reduce the psychological burden ; awareness of elderly patients with the disease is more extreme, not a proper understanding of the development of the disease and treatment, the nurse in respect for patients at the same time, use simple, understandable way to answer the doubts of the patients, making it the greatest satisfaction to accept the treatment and care.
Four seasons residential
Shanghai Municipal Statistics Bureau announced yesterday that in 2011 the city real estate development and investment exceeded 200 billion yuan for the first time, but the demand is at historic lows; the whole year, real estate sales dropped 13.8 percent over the previous year, average sales price of new commodity housing over the previous year a decrease of 5.4%.
Development investment is the first break of two hundred billion
In 2011, the city's real estate development and investment exceeded 200 billion yuan, 217.031 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6 percent over the previous year, 42.8 percent of the total social fixed assets investment. Municipal Bureau of Statistics 2011 city real estate development and investment to maintain a rapid growth in the previous year's high base, the premise is still one of the reasons is the construction of affordable housing is in full swing, the city's affordable housing investment of 47.922 billion yuan over the previous an increase of 42.9%.
Demand at historically low levels
Since early 2010, the state has adopted a number of control policies to curb housing prices, and to promote healthy and stable development of the real estate market. The effect of various policy measures, the city's real estate market speculative investment demand have been effectively curbed, but also inevitably spread to some live and improvement of housing demand, market sentiment is strong, the emergence of market sales decline.
2011, the city's real estate sales area of ​​17,713,000 square meters, down 13.8 percent over the previous year. Commercial residential buildings of 14.7372 million square meters, down 12.6 percent, the monthly average of 1.23 million square meters, at historic lows.
存量房交易 area continued to decline, and fell more than new housing. According to the statistics of the Real Estate Trading Center, 2011 the city 存量房交易 area of ​​13,986,700 square meters, down 28.9 percent over the previous year; the stock of housing was 10.5871 million square meters, down 30.4 percent.
The average price of new home sales fall
With the effect of control policies continue to appear, 2011, the average sales price of new commodity housing in the city of 13,448 yuan per square meter, down 5.4 percent over the previous year. Observed from the region, within the Inner Ring per square meter 48506 yuan, up 1 percent over the previous year; between the inner and outer ring of 16,886 yuan per square meter, up 13.9 percent; outside the outer ring of 11,294 yuan per square meter, down 5.6 percent.
Look, excluding affordable housing and relocation resettlement housing and affordable housing market of average sales price of newly built commercial housing 2011 of 21,584 yuan per square meter, up 2.8 percent over the previous year. From the regional, within the Inner Ring per square meter, 48,506 yuan, up 1 percent over the previous year; between the inner and outer ring of 27,744 yuan per square meter, up 17.4 percent; outside the outer ring of 18,017 yuan per square meter, up 4.6 percent.
According to statistics, in 2011 new construction and financing of affordable housing for 17.5 million square meters. Completion of the 2 million square meters of affordable housing, completion of the relocation and resettlement housing for 2.98 million square meters.
jobs in home health care
Beijing regardless of city or the suburbs, the prevalence of chronic diseases are rising fast, and the younger trends are becoming evident, unreasonable dietary structure, overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, excessive drinking and other unhealthy habits has become a serious important factor affecting the health of Beijing residents.
    Family members of similar genetic background and common habits lead to chronic diseases often appear to the family of multiple phenomenon. City Health Bureau, the role of the family health worker is to have the practical knowledge and skills of Chronic Disease Prevention, the correct guidance of their families to develop healthy diet, exercise habits.
    According to the Beijing community health services management center tracking, home health workers to attend training, daily living habits and basic health indicators have a significant change, and other family members had a significant effect. For example, family members, smoking, drinking and other bad habits to reduce; reduce the intake of oil and salt; movement a week increase in the number; consumption of fruits and vegetables also increased the variety of chronic disease risk factors has been effectively controlled physical health is getting better and better.
care home market
Recently, many enterprises are once again the United States re-examination following the Chinese Internet company in May last year, staged in the history of the most densely IPO boom on Wall Street, has experienced six months freeze, data show that at least 20 Chinese companies are lining up overseas listing , in which Internet companies occupy four seats. National Investments CEO Lin Jiaxi said: "The U.S. capital market has warmed up, the stocks of company IPO usher in a new window period."
In fact, the IPO is just the beginning. Morgan Stanley Managing Director Ji Weidong said: "In less than 40 listed Chinese Internet companies, 60 percent are listed below the issue price listed is the threshold, there are more threshold to go after the listing so, how to continue to play a listed company's role is key to the "ice-breaking journey" On the occasion of the window period, we might as well known as the Nasdaq card, "the world's largest Chinese search Road engine Baidu's capital dance.
sport health club
 It is reported that Hosa (hosa) brand to enter the Chinese mainland in 1986, its representatives and leading fashion fitness trend, making it the preferred brand of dress of China, many of the world's top models of beauty contests and all kinds of sports events and other appearances. Either professional models or various types of beauty pageants in recent years, the embodiment of all released games for the the Hosa fashion fitness clothing, filling Hosa fashion trends and fashions and professional integration, and support for sports events of the aerobics competitions Hosa brand to obtain the trust of more fitness enthusiasts.
Hao sand of the quality, in line with the movement and the human needs of the professional design products, by virtue of humane care, professional fashion personalized service to become fitness yoga, water sports, sports and leisure underwear, clothing and fashion fitness services of experts, and achievements of the superior excellence of indoor sports brand. Today, Hosa, indoor sports products and indoor sports service center, through the seamless integration of upstream and downstream industries, and steadily to a cluster extension of multi-industry, has become a renowned interior of Asia's leading sports brand.
Hosa international advanced fitness club management mode and the international fashion fitness experience into the Chinese market, initiated China Hosa health club chain system Hosa Fitness virtue with advanced international membership management system, improve the effective fashion fitness project, International Outstanding team of professionals, open and comfortable sports environment and the dynamic of the Hosa brand fashion appeal, as the preferred site for the fashion fitness. The development so far, The Hosa fitness has 100 chain of fitness clubs, to become Asia's largest chain of fitness clubs.
all about the home care
Home ventilator
Provide help for sleep-disordered breathing
Referring to the ventilator, I am afraid that many people feel this is just the things that will be used in the intensive care unit or the Department of Respiratory Medicine. If the one about 30 cm square box in front of you, I am afraid not many people will it and ventilator, but it was currently more widely used home ventilator.
Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Department of Respiratory Medicine, MD, deputy director of the Liu Ying said that the basic principles of the ventilator is to create a pressure-assisted breathing, making breathing more smooth. Home ventilator used in sleep apnea syndrome in patients with sleep apnea conditioning, chronic lung disease in non-invasive ventilation and relieve asthma caused by respiratory failure. Sleep apnea syndrome is often manifested as short-term breathing of snoring and sleep suspended, the issue has been ignored, that is just snoring. In fact, sleep apnea, recurrent hypoxemia, hypercapnia may make the patient to systemic dysfunction, many patients with severe choose to use home ventilator treatment.
According to product research and development of CLC, the home ventilator for different patients function more and more refined, but at the same time, the operation is more simple. Even after these household products like household appliances as simple to use, to help patients manage their own sleep. At present, the most advanced home breathing machine will be equipped with a special software to record the breathing of patients with sleep, so that communication between doctors and patients more convenient. Intelligent alarm system will automatically identify the phenomenon of apnea, breathing to help provide a more timely manner for patients.
Easy-to-use, a new generation of ventilators in detail has become more humane. Smaller size, lighter weight and smaller noise so that users can comfortably use the home ventilator during sleep, the improvement of the humidity also increases the user's comfort.