1, website update
Website to the network, often to update your existing customers or on behalf of customers in the ordinary course of concern is very necessary, such as updating the company dynamic, product information allows them to keep abreast of the development of the company's situation and trends, to increase the Company credibility; updates Industry News, industry information so that they can prompt attention to the situation of the development of the industry, to increase the site was the degree of concern, and to establish a good brand image in the industry; New listing updates, product promotions and other information, so that customers understand the company's products the latest information. Can also make your site more favored search engine, and more conducive to the improvement of the site's ranking, so that potential customers find you more easily.
2, website maintenance
The normal operation of the site is an important guarantee for the company's online business sources, the website often encountered during operation site can not access, database access error, the site is hacker intrusion, space Expiration, if not monitored to maintain, often things a long time, you know nothing about or has occurred, specifically requested to do this seems a waste of resources, web hosting is a convenient and efficient way to save money!
3, Website Optimization (SEO)
The Yongcheng housekeeper for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals to provide professional SEO technical team to solve the problem of the search engine rankings of the website. Corporate website can help businesses through the Internet users search for a product or keyword search engine ranking. SEO techniques needed in addition to its own optimized code structure of the website itself and some of the work of the website external link requires cumbersome Ministry Exhibition In general website optimization effect three months before apparent.
4, Website Marketing (SEM)
Were popular in this network, the network has become for people to travel, work, life indispensable part of many people on the network simply can not live, each enterprise network more and more attention, endless corporate Web site, if not fully to promote your site, customers want to find your site is like finding a needle in a haystack, and little hope. This website useless, you can not bring any direct benefits to the enterprise, such a waste of resources is the biggest waste of an enterprise. The main way to promote contains: Q & marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, industry net registered QQ marketing and promotion of soft paper.
5, the Web site operator
Corporate website operators definitely not one to understand e-commerce or playing computer a person will be able to operate, he needs to have a wealth of experience in network marketing and market judgment. Internet marketing is by no means have a website, done network optimization, network promotion is to achieve the enterprise network operators Gong, that this is not the case, monitoring of traffic analysis, the target user behavior research, analysis of the effect of network marketing plan so to crucial. Overall, the site operators are indispensable in the network marketing system website late work, is also a network marketing system.
Domain name: website domain
A domain name is the Internet network on a server or a network name and domain name in the world did not repeat the form of a domain name in a number of letters of the alphabet and numbers. "Divided into several parts, such as baidu, com a domain name. Technically, the domain name is just an Internet IP address corresponding to a method for solving. You can say just a technical term. However, because the Internet has become for people all over the world of the Internet, the domain name also naturally become a social scientific terms. A domain name is an identification string, which defines administrative autonomy, authority, or control of the realm of the Internet. The domain name is the Domain Name System (DNS) rules and procedures. The domain name is used in different network environments, and application-specific naming and addressing purposes. In the general case, the domain name on behalf of the Internet Protocol (IP) resources, such as the use of personal computers to access Internet, a Web site hosted on the server computer, or the site itself or any other communication via the Internet.
Ecommerce hosting

Is a service that provides online stores display and sell online store to support business companies and individuals with special needs, personal website, an increasing number of network hosts special advanced virtual hosting plan includes allows you to process orders, receive payment, and the track hosted the type of covering a wide range of solutions and applications, such as electronic shopping cart, online catalog, pay specific application processor, web design services, website templates, inventory management tools . Monthly merchant settlement requirements of the e-commerce sites use space hosting company is different from other types of sites

Company e-commerce hosting plan, sales, often help set up the Internet merchant network hosts will be no additional registration company domain name, you can also provide additional e-commerce software, shopping cart software, databases cart before the processor to the customer storage they the product is a special service, authorized credit card business owners prefer to use Google Checkout service, rather than a traditional credit card certificate protect customer transactions and personal information

Join the certificate on your site, any information sent to your server is encrypted, the impossible also show the identity of the Site hosts also provide custom Secure Sockets Layer website template and store merchants to increase product and service its website to sell hard goods, services, digital products, and use online shop license, can be used for the site focused on different these differences, there are several applications every businessman including payment systems, e-mail, database, shopping cart, access. Also

Businesses can add a blog, forum, online chat function they host to provide equipment and other technical resources you need to easily manage your online storage and handling cheap shared hosting small business owners decided to host their online stores become more popular the website server may not be able to handle in the increase, it is best to put the extra time and effort to find a reliable company to provide a quick U-turn. E-commerce hosting plan and customer support.
Use cPanel management website

Good helper 1. Webmaster
Create, upload and edit pages work is essential for every webmaster. cPanel is easy to use, through which webmasters can easily do:

CPanel File Manager to easily upload, edit, compress Web pages file, page file management
By configuring an FTP client to upload or download large files management
CPanel network disk so that webmasters can be flexible in the local management of Web documents
Directory permissions for different users to create different FTP accounts to manage their own website
Custom error page
Easily backup site database home directory and database
2 powerful message management capabilities
Owners can create their own enterprises in cPanel post office and mailing lists, and easily send and receive mail via Webmail or configure the E-mail client. Webmasters can also be very convenient for the mailbox auto-reply, auto-forwarding and set filtering rules to filter mail. the cPanel support common mail protocol the corresponding encrypted version of the POP, IMAP, SMTP, and these agreements.
The contents of the e-commerce website design and construction "includes: website operators the formation of the platform, the e-commerce site planning, e-commerce sites operating environment configuration, static web design and production of the e-commerce website, database design and management of e-commerce sites, e-commercedynamic website web design and production, the promotion of e-commerce sites, e-commerce sites, maintenance of the eight projects, as well as an e-commerce comprehensive Training Program. At the same time, "the e-commerce web site design and construction of" enhanced website, testing and evaluation, site management, the formation of a complete website building system, and provides a comprehensive example of a static and dynamic content e-commerce website construction process .
E-commerce website design and construction, both as e-commerce, computer applications, information management, and other professional vocational college textbooks, but also can be used as website building enthusiasts self-reference books and other training site design and defenders also have a certain reference value.
Solitary rain Network's Easy domain name network free host.
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1) need to be linked to the agent application. The registration page to address their own free VPN tinker go.
2) FTP password used for the first modify the default password What I do not know, 囧
3) If possible, make good use of the SSH console and file manager to install the program, backup, and so on, SSH is actually the linux command line
     Played naturally know, the background SSH console support instruction is not much, but certainly good enough.
     Make good use of of Wget, Tar instruction and File Manager, you will find out that no maintenance is very simple.
4) free stuff you know, often backed up.
5) ventilation is also normal, but it will not be deleted, as long as you do not do bad things.
Singapore, USA and Japan the cheapest UK server rental
Ling congregation Technology and Telecom, China Netcom, two-lane, IDC multiple operators maintain a good partnership, with hundreds of core agents all over the country, and the same time, we have 10 several cooperation in the engine room in the provinces and cities nationwide.
British engine room server, the server is located in the engine room of Manchester, England, located in north-west England city center of the group, has more than 100G network bandwidth access is one of the fastest engine room of the UK, Europe and the United States speed connection faster. Exclude professional engineers on power and network problems, and equipped with a redundant system. Multiple Gigabit line, closed-circuit monitoring equipment, large flow, high cost.
Advantages: adequate, cost-effective high bandwidth
European servers only lease, current promotions: annual payment of only 10 months, sent two months.
British engine room server configuration:
British server type 1, CPU: Core Xeon Quad Core X3220 Memory: Kingston 2GB, IP number: 13, flow rate: 100M unlimited
The British server type 2 CPU: 8-core Xeon E5472, RAM: Kingston 4GB ECC FBD, IP number: 13, flow rate: 100M unlimited
American virtual host by virtue of the protection of the mature market specifications and hardware facilities, subject to the virtual host the user sought, in particular, do the foreign trade of fake brand users with a superior web hosting, site optimization and security to get a good guarantee, after the virtual host and SEO optimization of the two major characteristics to consider virtual host doing my part to become the best choice for imitation brand SEO optimization. 
Independent IP optimization is more effective 
Dedicated IP for the shared virtual host is more conducive to the website SEO optimization included with independent IP sites can not only more easily by search engines, and have an independent IP site security and greater stability. also provide good protection for the continued optimization of the site, few host to provide free independent IP, virtual host providers in the United States, however, provide free independent IP merchant lot a, IXWebHosting virtual host is one of them, it provides users with up to 15 independent IP virtual hosts, with 15 independent IP in the keywords the site layout and SEO optimized, the more effort, buy IXWebHosting virtual host, use the discount code chill in its Chinese official http://cn.ixwebhosting.com on the purchase of either a virtual host can receive a 20% discount. 
Fast user experience is high 
For the website of the foreign trade of fake brand, the access speed of the host affect the site of the open speed, the site open speed also affects the speed of website SEO optimization, overseas access speed of the virtual host, the U.S. virtual host is necessary a significant advantage than virtual host, virtual host servers in the United States only the United States, for foreign trade enterprises for European and American markets, the access speed is very fast, especially the U.S. HostEase virtual host access speed is very fast by domestic users has been received, through which the civilian network http://cn.hostease.com learned, they launched the business-type host is giving away a free stand-alone IP and SSL certificate With these products also makes the data of the site has been safety, in order to develop the China market HostEase specifically for users in China launched a discount code hostease, this discount code to buy the host can also get a 20% discount. 
Cost-effective host promotions 
U.S. virtual hosts in addition to protection with performance and speed, its price is also very have the advantage of unlimited space, unlimited traffic virtual hosting price of up to hundreds of M, and the domestic space is similar, so have the price advantage Take the recent has just launched a Chinese station (http://cn.webhostingpad.com) of WebHostingPad host, the host program of its large space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SQL database, also $ 1.99 per month, one year down also $ 150, this price advantage presumably domestic host is how there will not be the, in addition to price, the U.S. host will also introduce discount code purchase like WebHostingPad launched discount code greatchina15 1-3 years host using the discount code for a discount of $ 15, it can be said to reduce the virtual host price on the basis of low price, discount code again. 
Internet information age, economy and trade has also been globalized for the foreign trade of fake brand businesses, choose the good and excellent virtual host is critical to choose a good virtual host not only to enhance the site SEO optimization level, the better to enhance business goods sales, virtual host, whether it is from the website optimization point of view, or an independent IP, access speed, cost three to consider the virtual host of the United States are very much in line with the needs of foreign trade business, so the virtual host of the U.S. foreign trade business establishment of the station SEO optimization is not surprising that the new darling.
According to the latest data released by the foreign host statistical agencies WebHostingdir, May, America's most popular web hosting provider top five followed by AT & T, Superb Internet, JustHost, Arvixe and FireHost. Compared to April, in addition to JustHost and Arcixe, the remaining three host are new to the list. Below, IDC reviewed network and everyone concerned about the the Top5 information of May, the most popular web hosting provider.
1 AT & T Web Hosting
Users welcomed the index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
AT & T provides professional web hosting solutions for enterprise users by users, much in the domain name, web hosting, website construction. Customer support, with expert representatives, telephone, e-mail and 24/7 technical support.
2 Superb Internet
Users welcomed the index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Since its inception in 1996, Superb Internet has been the industry's media as the best web hosting service providers and customer praise, much in the hosting, dedicated server hosting and shared web hosting business.
3 JustHost
Users welcomed the index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
JustHost is the new host of a foreign company, headquartered in the UK, data center located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Although it is a new host, but in foreign countries is also relatively well received by customers. The JustHost host plans to provide free domain name, allowing you to use their own cPanel account to support e-commerce functions. JustHost also provide a variety of grade-specific host, and allows users to customize according to their needs. justhost be wordpress official identified as one of the most suitable for wordpress host, in short, the performance is good.
4 Arvixe
Users welcomed the index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Arvixe is one of the older host, was established in 2003, can provide unlimited storage space and no traffic restrictions, you can also put numerous sites, the most prominent feature is the support of numerous MSSQL 2008 database, Furthermore Arvixe a host of performance is relatively stable. The price is relatively cheap.
5 FireHost
Users welcomed the index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
FireHost is a leading cloud hosting and hosting service providers. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, on site security, to defend against hacker attacks, FireHost to ensure site security and to meet the needs of the high site traffic.
Host provider HostEase has been the host of high-quality image in the customers in China, recently, in other host are getting ready to set off a new round of service competition when the HostEase host pre-emptive, not only launched a long-awaited domestic users Windows virtual hosts, and in order to improve the user buying experience has also introduced a blue color version of Chinese station. 
Add Windows virtual host forum 
The new revision of the Chinese station http://cn.hostease.com/ new Windows virtual host pages, enough to reflect the the HostEase host attaches great importance to this new host. For users, the Windows shared hosting has its own independent forum, the user will also be able to easily aim at the object order, host providers HostEase this new initiative is obviously to meet the purchase needs of the user. According to the Chinese station, in order to promote the extensive use of Windows shared hosting in the domestic market, HostEase host also launched a very tempting $ .01 WindowsBeta beta, the user can select a blog-type or extended host program to test The testing process, users can enjoy unlimited disk space, bandwidth, features and professional customer service. 
Popular host recommended forum grand baked 
The Linux basis of the virtual host Windows extended shared hosting, Linux independent host and Windows independent host in the HostEase host has a host product which is one of the most popular of the four types of hosts. In order to strengthen the understanding of the users of these four favorite host, HostEase also opens up the popular host recommended forum. Linux-based and Windows Extended host two of the most cost-effective virtual host, they have unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic and unlimited binding domain. Linux independent of the host and Windows-independent host has 2GB of DDR2 memory, 250G hard drive, 3000GB traffic, and a free independent IP, relatively independent of the host product, its cost is very high, in order to meet the purchase needs of domestic users, the HostEase official launch a special discount code hostease, this discount code buy HostEase host 20% off discount code buy HostEase host very affordable. 
Domestic IDC market is highly competitive, the major host only continue to enhance its product strength and quality of service to survive in the host market in the survival of the fittest. HostEase as a leader in the U.S. host, naturally in the competition even more as excellent. Since the beginning of the year, to provide daily data backup, the new Windows virtual host and the revision of Chinese stations and various measures have been introduced, but also reflect the higher direction forward the HostEase host is persistent.